Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another Busy Day

So this week started off science camp.  It’s just a couple of hours a day for the next two weeks.  The kids liked it though and it worked well to have a couple of hours this morning to get some stuff done. 

Poor KC has suffered terribly with his allergies for months now and got up this morning with his eyes all swollen and hurting again.  He’s had ice packs and cucumbers and tea bags and everything else on them off and on all day trying to get them back to normal! 

I probably shouldn’t have giggled and snapped this picture…it will probably come back to haunt me.  LOL.  He did look funny though…lol. 

It seems like it’s working a little bit though because he looked a lot better (although still not quite 100%) tonight.  He’s had all kinds of allergy testing and they said he’s allergic to nothing but it flares up every time he goes outside at our house.  Doesn’t seem to have any trouble outside at other places, but just outside here…so there has got to be a grass or something that they didn’t test him for….and it’s growing in our yard evidently.  *sigh*  Poor thing. 

But anyway.  Life at our house right now.  By the way, Drea, thanks for your last comment…and just because I’m not sick doesn’t mean you can’t come visit…it just means you don’t need to bring soup when you come.  LOL.  =)  Of course, I LIKE soup, so if you wanted to bring soup anyway, that would be alright, too.  Teehehe. 

But don’t bring Dr. Pepper.  My doctor said I should quit.  And my mom said I should quit.  And my taste buds said not to listen to them.  They were outvoted yesterday but today when I ordered a combo that came with a drink, my taste buds got to my brain before my memory did and snuck one in on me. 

I remembered when I got home.  *sigh* 

So I quit for about 28 hours.  Now I have to quit again and my mouth is watering just talking about it.  Who made Dr. Pepper so tasty, anyway?  UGH.  23 Flavors and all of them are delicious.  *SIGH* 

Addictions are terrible things.  Unless you’re addicted to good things…like God.  God is simply amazing and awe-inspiring and I want Him to be the addiction that I couldn’t even think of giving up, ever, for any reason.  Nothing could ever equal Him, His mercy endureth forever.  I can’t imagine not feeling that way…and I’m glad. 

I’ve been thinking about that since last week and the Dr. Pepper addiction seemed to be the perfect tie-in.  =)  So…I’ll be working on not drinking Dr. Pepper…and drinking water (the kind from the fridge and the kind Jesus gave the woman at the well) instead. 

All this talking is making me thirsty.  Ya’ll have a good night now…I’m going to run grab a quick sip (of water) before bed.  =)  Thanks for listening to my rambling.  =)


  1. That picture is a little scary!

    And 23 flavors... don't think about it! LOL

  2. Funny thing is...I can't think of a single crack to make on KC's picture. Tell him I had mercy on him tonight. lol

    As for Dr. Pepper, I had to give it up when I got pregnant. No fizzy drinks they said. Do you know I had every intention of drinking a big tall glass of it the moment I had my baby? Do you think that happened? No, it did not. I still haven't had that glass of Dr. P & it has been 6.5 weeks since she was born. Know why? I'm not suppose to have caffeine while nursing. :( So if I can do it....for this long....you can too! :) (Even though you don't have the reasons I have.) ;)

    But I see what you mean...just talking about it is making me thirsty. LOL

  3. Aunt Carol10:37 AM

    Poor KC! Maybe the allergies are not plant related at all - possibly insecticides, or pool chemicals emitting into the air? I feel so bad for him! See y'all this weekend - love you!


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