Sunday, June 10, 2012

12:00 AM

Sheesh.  That is the time I am STARTING this post.  So sorry, Aunt C…I’m only a few days late.  =)  I never even opened my computer the last couple of days. 

The in-laws wanted the kids this weekend so we had some grown-up time…WOOT.  So we went car shopping.  Didn’t purchase, just window shopped.  We have got ourselves stuck on our car because we drive way too much.  That’s the penalty of long and frequent commuting for business and pleasure…high mileage and low trade value.  Oh well.  We haven’t decided exactly how we want to dig ourselves out of this hole yet, so we’re still driving ol’ Odysseus.  It’s all good. 

And because I love great segues, here’s something else good that’s been waiting on my camera for me to blog again.  KC’s dad gave this to KC’s mom many many years ago.  Times change, things happen…anyway, this little cutie was begging me to snatch it from the clutches of the yard-sale and since it had a double whammy of KC remembering his dad buying it, plus being a handy spot to store little things….well…hooray for make-overs.

The before shot is missing a few handles because I had already dug into taking it apart before I remembered to grab my camera.  The coffee had nothing to do with my getting ahead of myself…I’m sure my body was not racing ahead of my brain at all. 


I painted the velvet sectioned interior, and then covered the bottoms of each part in fabric.  It turned out totally adorable and I actually have worn my watch several times now that I know where to find it…lol. 


IMG_1597ewebAlso, K-man graduated from Kindergarten and Munchkin passed second grade.  Now I have a 1st and 3rd grader.  *gulp* 

The pictures didn’t turn out at all from either event, but I did get this one of K-man and his teacher/assistant.  They were awesome.  Munchkin’s teacher was great, too, but I didn’t get a picture of her.  And both kids teachers loved the little gardens.  =)  Yay. 

I think that’s about all the update.  Tonight we went out with friends…had a great time and I am the weirdest cross between wired and tired right now.  Guess that explains the 12:48am blogging while my eyes are burning.  (Just for you, Aunt C…LOL…oh yes, and I’m sorry I missed your call tonight…didn’t hear the phone or get your message early enough to call you back…will try to get with you tomorrow.)  Anyway, my brain is on but my body is tired, so I guess I’ll go see if my body can control my brain. 

One last thing before I go….this instagram pic I took today.  I finally got all my plants planted and not in these rootbound tiny cups that were slowly being tortured to death on our roasting back deck.  I was laughing because I brought these two wilted guys in to get them soaked up again, and I turn the water on a drip so that the water doesn’t just run through them and not do any good.  And as I watched the single drip make a tiny burrow into the soil, I thought…sheesh…my poor plants.  They know no end to suffering.  First dehydration and sunburn, then chinese water torture.  LOL. 

I could hear them crying out for mercy.  Poor plants…my house is like death row for green things. 

On the bright side---there’s sunshine.  rofl…sorry.  That was really bad.  No, I was going to say on the bright side, once I get things planted in dirt with lots of growing room, they seem to thrive.  My garden for example…I had to trim it back today because it is already attempting to take over nearby things…like yard/steps/neighboring plants/etc. 

Somehow it’s now almost 1 and we have to get up early to go get our little hooligans in the morning so I HAVE to get off. 



  1. Wow, you were up late. But the box looks really great. Good job :)

  2. Carol6:24 PM

    I love the blog and all the creative things you've done here lately. I just so look forward to the updates. Love you!

  3. Incredible love love what you did to that keepsake family jewelry box. The color is fab and all the added. And how thoughtful of you to do a teachers gift...let alone creative. I bet she loved it. XOXOXOXO I had a good laugh too on some of your posts. Sometimes, staying up after everyone else goes to bed is the only time to accomplish anything eh? XOXOXOXOX

  4. I love the box make-over and the little story & KC's connection to it. Your garden looks awesome too! I thought I could handle just my small herb garden this year with the baby...and even then I am having trouble keeping up with the weeds. My Mom spent the night Sat. and yesterday evening we pulled weeds while the baby slept. (Don't worry her Daddy was inside with I've been trying to pull a few weeds every time I go outside, but it is never enough. There for a while I felt like I was growing weeds instead of herbs & flowers. lol. But your garden looks awesome! I don't see how anything ever dies there. ;)


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