Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flu, Plants, & Dreams

Ew…the flu.

Nyquil, Theraflu, Advil…

Finally back to (nearly) normal today…just a few tiny random pains and the occasional need for a tissue.  Kinda threw a wrench in my plans this week but we made it through anyway. 

The house looks like I had the flu and the laundry didn’t quite get done either, but there’s always next week, right?  =)

My garden is looking good.  I still need to take a few pics of the raised beds from the recycled pallet boxes that my dad gave me.  My seeds still haven’t come up in the herb garden (cement block box) and I actually got impatient (aw, not me…never, right? LOL) and picked up a few herbs at the greenhouse today and put them in there.  MMM. I love herbs.  And I actually bought two that I didn’t have seeds for, so I only got impatient on one of them.  Hah.  =) 

I had quite possibly the weirdest dream of my entire life the other night.  THE weirdest.  I dreamed I was a book.  Trying to escape the evil wizard who had cursed me and turned me into a book.  I had hands and feet when the book was open and when I closed up, my hands and feet disappeared so I could hide, and I was climbing up and over dozens of bookshelves along with other cursed human/books, trying to reach the exit to get away from the evil guy who was trying to catch us.  I have never dreamed so vividly about being an in-animate object before.  It was a strange dream.  

And I’m tired…think the Nyquil from a few days ago must still be lingering in my system.  LOL.  Oh, and the book dream was before the medicine…so not related.  LOL. 

That’s all my random for today.  Have a great rest of the weekend! =)


  1. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Ack. I hope you're feeling better. Now that's the kind of dream that you can turn into a short story. :)

  2. LOL! You're dreams are starting to sound more like mine! :) Although, I don't remember being turned into a book trying to out-run the evil dude. lol. What could it possibly mean? *grin*

    Didn't know you had been sick, but glad to hear you are feeling better!


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