Thursday, April 26, 2012


Well, I’ve got to stop blinking.  Maybe then time would slow back down.  It’s just getting away from me and I don’t know how else to stop it.  I was reading some of the blogs in my feed reader tonight and several of them are bloggers who post frequent photos of their kids.  I have thought it before, but it really hit me more tonight than it has before, that…uh…I’ve been reading their blogs for a LONG time.  As in, I read their blogs when their kids were born…and their kids are now seven…

I’m really not a stalker…although, technically I could probably be classified as a lurker since I read a lot of blogs without ever commenting on most of them except on rare occasions.  “Stalker” just seems like it has malicious intent behind it…and I am anything but that.  LOL. 

It just made me feel old tonight.  That’s all. 

I’m starting to feel that way a lot lately.  Munchkin is eight this month.  EIGHT.  Only 10 years to go.  LOL.  I get this feeling that I’m going to either lose my hair or go grey before then. 

K-man loves to tell me, “Mom, you’re almost 30, and after 30, you’ll be 31, then 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37—“ 

That’s when I cut him off.  Okay, son, I get the picture.  I’m getting old really fast.  Something about kids has that effect on a person. 


Must go now…I’m of the age now where it’s not optional to get my beauty sleep anymore, it’s a MUST…and it seems I always wake up before the magic moment when the beauty happens. 

It’s another sign, I guess. 

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  1. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Oh, so you're an old stalker now. Gotcha ;) But I know what you mean about feeling old. We're not by the way. My son is 10. Like, a decade old. Heck, it doesn't seem all that far long ago that we were playing in Great Grandmother Russell's yard as kids. Funny how things change. Just roll with it ;)


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