Monday, April 30, 2012

That’s Me

I was skimming through my pictures tonight and ran across this layout I did that apparently I forgot about and never posted it after the template pack was released. 

So along with the title of “crazy photographer,” we’ll just add forgetful to that, too.  =)

OWD_SeaChartsV4_03 weblg

Template: Sea Charts Vol 4 by Ocean Wide Designs

Kit: In My Heart by Ocean Wide Designs
Fonts: Ornatique, Century Gothic, & Pea Emma Kate

Sunday, April 29, 2012

First World Problems

So I hung out yesterday afternoon with my awesomely wonderful, sweet, amazing, brutally honest, terrific friend (who informed me that she’s such a great friend that she knows how to find my blog, so if I talk about her, I have to say lots of nice things).  Lucky for me, I would say nice things about her (because she IS a nice person) even if she didn’t know how to find my blog, which always makes for an easier time writing honestly.  Of course, I always write honestly, but when I’m talking about some people, I can’t say much because the honest truth isn’t very nice.  LOL.  And maybe they have the same problem when they’re talking about me…lol.  Sometimes it’s really hard to be nice…but not today. 

ANYWHOO…so we were talking about our shoes, and drink preferences, and etc. when she started telling me about hearing about this journalist over in a third world country and the problems and things they are facing, and how we are wanting to go on a mission trip to help somewhere in a third world country at some point this year and we started talking about how our problems are REALLY minor in comparison.  I don’t know if this is even an actual term, but…first world problems.  “Oh, my shoe is coming apart and looking worn out….REALLY?”  So I can go to the store and buy multiple new pairs if I want…I am SO blessed.  I bought a fountain drink a few weeks ago that was watered down and tasted nasty…SO?  Some people just want the clean water that was IN that fountain drink because they have to walk miles to get water and then it’s dirty and they have to purify it to drink it…I should not complain. 

Really puts a lot of things in perspective.  I don’t complain a lot, but sometimes just noticing that there’s a slow car holding me up…I just need to stop and appreciate that I have a running vehicle and that I’m ABLE to get behind a slow driver on our smooth (mostly) kept up roads.  And I say mostly, but in comparison to other countries, some of our worst roads are still better.  First world problems! 

My friend is really good at giving me food for thought.  Winking smile 

With all that said, please note that I am not complaining in the next few paragraphs…lol. 

So another thing my friend is really good at is attracting insane drivers…I had my first experience in dialing the highway patrol to report a crazy trucker that was scaring the fire out of us on a major strip of highway.  The dispatcher was really nice, and said she would notify someone in the area to check him out, but right about then, we finally reached our exit so I don’t know if they got him or not.  He was driving too fast for a semi, and passing people in the far right hand lane AND the far left hand lane, and crossing lanes every couple minutes.  For the record, my friend was a cool, calm, and collected driver…haha.  She was speeding (but not TOO much, of course) and this guy was still on top of us, so she let him pass us but then he was weaving over into our lane and we were I was flipping out…I was like, uh, if he wrecks, we have nowhere to go…we are just goners.  I’m not pessimistic at all…but he was a big fella and between him and the concrete wall, well…it would have been over.  So we decided our best bet would be to take the next opportunity and fly past him and try to get away…but then he kept up with us so we made a unanimous decision and I called to report him.  Whew.  Thankful nothing happened though. 

And again…first world problem.  But first world or third world, I can still be thankful.  And I am.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Well, I’ve got to stop blinking.  Maybe then time would slow back down.  It’s just getting away from me and I don’t know how else to stop it.  I was reading some of the blogs in my feed reader tonight and several of them are bloggers who post frequent photos of their kids.  I have thought it before, but it really hit me more tonight than it has before, that…uh…I’ve been reading their blogs for a LONG time.  As in, I read their blogs when their kids were born…and their kids are now seven…

I’m really not a stalker…although, technically I could probably be classified as a lurker since I read a lot of blogs without ever commenting on most of them except on rare occasions.  “Stalker” just seems like it has malicious intent behind it…and I am anything but that.  LOL. 

It just made me feel old tonight.  That’s all. 

I’m starting to feel that way a lot lately.  Munchkin is eight this month.  EIGHT.  Only 10 years to go.  LOL.  I get this feeling that I’m going to either lose my hair or go grey before then. 

K-man loves to tell me, “Mom, you’re almost 30, and after 30, you’ll be 31, then 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37—“ 

That’s when I cut him off.  Okay, son, I get the picture.  I’m getting old really fast.  Something about kids has that effect on a person. 


Must go now…I’m of the age now where it’s not optional to get my beauty sleep anymore, it’s a MUST…and it seems I always wake up before the magic moment when the beauty happens. 

It’s another sign, I guess. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flu, Plants, & Dreams

Ew…the flu.

Nyquil, Theraflu, Advil…

Finally back to (nearly) normal today…just a few tiny random pains and the occasional need for a tissue.  Kinda threw a wrench in my plans this week but we made it through anyway. 

The house looks like I had the flu and the laundry didn’t quite get done either, but there’s always next week, right?  =)

My garden is looking good.  I still need to take a few pics of the raised beds from the recycled pallet boxes that my dad gave me.  My seeds still haven’t come up in the herb garden (cement block box) and I actually got impatient (aw, not me…never, right? LOL) and picked up a few herbs at the greenhouse today and put them in there.  MMM. I love herbs.  And I actually bought two that I didn’t have seeds for, so I only got impatient on one of them.  Hah.  =) 

I had quite possibly the weirdest dream of my entire life the other night.  THE weirdest.  I dreamed I was a book.  Trying to escape the evil wizard who had cursed me and turned me into a book.  I had hands and feet when the book was open and when I closed up, my hands and feet disappeared so I could hide, and I was climbing up and over dozens of bookshelves along with other cursed human/books, trying to reach the exit to get away from the evil guy who was trying to catch us.  I have never dreamed so vividly about being an in-animate object before.  It was a strange dream.  

And I’m tired…think the Nyquil from a few days ago must still be lingering in my system.  LOL.  Oh, and the book dream was before the medicine…so not related.  LOL. 

That’s all my random for today.  Have a great rest of the weekend! =)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I’ve Been BUSY!

Yeah, so the kids had spring break this week but that kinda means it was anything BUT a break.  LOL.  I have been swamped and there have been several days in a row where I didn’t even open my computer (except for the couple times I had actual work) and then it was only for a few minutes.  No time to kill doing meaningless things like….oh you know…blogging. 

Sometimes I wonder if I should even bother.  Seems like the whole blogging thing is dying off.  I don’t know if there is more than one or two on my IRL friends that have posted in the last year (or two).  Everybody’s just busy.  And then I get paranoid and figure that the only people who still read this thing are probably stalkers…hahaha.  I laugh, but I’m only half kidding.  Half, as in, I know four of you who come here to keep up with us because you’re related in some way.  The other four readers…well…I haven’t figured out yet why you’re here.  It’s all good though (I hope…lol). 

IMG_0234webAnyway…since it’s been awhile since I posted (and since I’ve gotten pictures off my camera)…I should probably check to make sure I’m not overlapping information…okay…I’m back.  I’ve posted since this picture, but since it was on my camera, not downloaded, let me just share this photo of our adorable one room cabin from our trip to Pigeon Forge a few weekends ago.  I was standing in the kitchen to take that picture and in the picture, you can see the corner of the fireplace, the end of the couch, and the bed, so you can see how cozy it was…lol!  But it was perfect.  I loved it! 

Spring break this week, I kept the kids moving…best way to keep mom’s hair all in her head…lol.  Then I took them to a kid’s museum a couple of towns over and then to mawmaw for the rest of the week.  And you’d think with the kids gone for 3.5 days, it would be home free for me, right?  Nope…not with the slavedriver I mean, awesome -- hubby around!!!  hahahaha

These are pics from the kids museum…they LOVED this kid sized grocery store! 


And puppet show

IMG_0246weband they loved climbing all over this fire truck and ringing the bells and pressing the pedals…it was an adorable place.  They wanted to stay much longer than we actually had time for…=)IMG_0254web

IMG_0259web And of course, I did a lot of outside work this week.  This is my dad’s rain gutter garden box contraption, which holds my herbs (so far only a couple basil plants are visible)!  LOL.  I painted it dark grey and now it looks less like cinder blocks, gutter, recycled 2 liter bottles, and 2x4s (although of course, there’s nothing wrong with ANY of those things) and more like a unique set of window boxes…haha.  I’m proud of my daddy, he can make anything work!  It might not always look fancy, but it usually works!  That’s what I have my daddy for…to make it work…the fancy is my job.  Winking smile 


Also my job is to battle the OCD that would like to take over.  Do you know how TEMPTED I was to go back and make all those popsicle stick labels perfectly lined up at the same angles for the picture?  I forced myself to resist.  I won.  You can look at the picture and tell which “I” that was (the OCD I or the resisting I).  LOL! 

I’m really tired and that makes for bad blogging, so I’m gonna hop off here an hit the hay.  Thanks for enduring.  =)


Saturday, April 14, 2012


view full image

"Mmmmmmellow Mmmmmmmushroom!!!!!!"

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Random 13

#1 - I know Easter ISN’T about those things, but it’s pretty fun to wear coordinating springy outfits for church and see all the other pretty dresses…it’s like the flower garden bloomed.  =)  At church AND on Facebook…lol!


#2 – I have really good friends.  Not all of them are pictured, of course, but these are two of my favorite ones.  =)

_MG_3091eweb_MG_3095eweb#3 – Time to get the kids passports…if we want to be able to take them with us on any future cruises, that is…lol.  Not that I know when that will be, but better to have them now, than panic later…ACK…KC has rubbed off on me!  I just totally channeled him there! 

Kids5web#4 – Got another session posted…this one was a family with a new baby…new babies are challenging, but I think we got some good ones!  And the family is a really sweet one, so it was fun to work with them!  =) 

#5 – I forgot what I was going to say. 

#6 – I love Photoshop.

#7 – The kids are on spring break this week.  I may possibly not have any hair left by the end of the week…lol. 

#8 – But I think they might sleep in a little bit…and I might be right there with them…I won’t complain either.  LOL!

#9 – My to-do list this week includes getting my garden boxes painted so they will all match and look like part of the back yard décor…Dad says don’t paint them like flowers or they’ll attract too many bees.  KC will be happy to hear that I’m gonna have to stick to blah blah brown.  HAHA.

#10 – I missed my Sunday afternoon nap.  And I’m hoping to make up for it tomorrow morning between 6:25 and 8am.  Winking smile

#11 – I haven’t drank much Dr. Pepper this week.  I’ve cut back (regretfully).  *sigh*

#12 – The scale is liking me better this week.  I’m almost back to normal. 

#13 – It’s time to walk the dogs. 

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Food On The Brain

I’m going to pretend I haven’t missed any days posting and just go on with it. LOL.

I fixed Garlic Lime Chicken tonight, served over pasta, with strawberry shortcake for dessert…oh it was so good.  I’ve limited my food intake for the last couple of days because my scale decided to jump ten pounds over the last couple of weeks…in the wrong direction.  Bwahahah.  And since I have no good reason to be gaining weight, I figured I’d better get a grip on it fast.  So after a few days of raw cauliflower and green veggies instead of Nutty Buddys, I was kind of craving something tasty tonight.  After reading through my recipe box and a recipe book, too…and making my mouth water over and over…I decided on delicious over quick.  =) 

I don’t know how much fat it had in it, but it couldn’t be that bad.  I hope.  LOL.  If I just cancelled out the last few days of veggie torture, I might be sad.  =)

And you know, I like veggies.  I just like Dr. Pepper and peanut butter chocolate bars better.  Isn’t it funny how when you are limiting yourself on something, then that becomes all you can think about?

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Weekend Epiphany

That old saying….really is true…

Ignorance is bliss. 
If you don’t believe it, just ask Eve. 

No, I’m not elaborating.  I think that says enough.  =) LOL

Oh and it was a good weekend.  Something else besides ignorance that is bliss??  Enjoying a jacuzzi on a private screened in deck with the hubby after you put the kids to bed inside the cabin. 

For those who think I should be more detailed and use less of the vague statements/cliff hangers (lol…love you, mean it…lol), we went to Pigeon Forge for the weekend and rented a tiny (but cozy) one room cabin (two rooms if you count the bathroom) perched up on the side of a cliff.  It was great to get away for a quick weekend trip with the kids.  We did Dixie Stampede, a magic show at Wonderworks, a little shopping, and a little hanging out at the cabin.  Really nice. 

But one last thing?  Just look at it this way…ignorance is bliss.  If I tell it all, your bliss goes away.  Bwhahahahaha…so my vague-ness is really as much for YOUR benefit as it is mine.   ROFL!  =) 

Love ya’ll.  Mean it!  X my <3!  =)