Monday, March 12, 2012

In My Head

Well, it’s been a week since my last post.  I have to say…I am becoming a FANTASTIC mental blogger. 


That could be a good thing.  But it’s not so good if you’re nuts enough to want to read the actual words on the physical blog. 

I’m thinking it’s a bad thing though that I have so many unspeakable things in my head.  Typical…but bad. 

I don’t know how to fix it either, other than going anonymous or just letting everything fly here…either way could be dangerous.  LOL. 

Some of it goes back to my last post (which, by the way, thanks for the commiserating comments…ya’ll are great!) and some of it branches out into other areas of my brain which are conflicting and confused. 

I’m pretty sure if I let it all out here though, I would be making the case and providing all the evidence necessary for the people who are looking for reasons to dislike me.  Yeah, I know…hard to imagine that people wouldn’t like me…but…uh…see prior post.  Not so hard to imagine.  And I guess providing more reason would probably make my life un-necessarily miserable.  SO I’ll keep it to myself and try to go back to your basic everyday blah blah blah updates. 

Even though I don’t really “get” people…I still actually “like” people (most of the time) and prefer not to make social interactions any more difficult than they already are for me.  LOL. 

Speaking of difficult…I volunteered to help out at a fundraiser breakfast on Saturday morning as a server (waitress) for three hours…talk about out of my comfort zone!  I knew most of the other volunteers, so that part wasn’t so bad, but walking up to tables of total strangers and remembering orders and pouring refills and carrying trays of food without dropping anything….definitely a challenge, but I succeeded, so that was a plus.  Haha.


KC and I went out on Friday night with another couple to Olive Garden (KC’s parents had the kids, so we had some grownup time for my birthday…woohoo).  And it was extra nice because we’ve been friends with the other couple for like 20+ years, so it was totally in my comfort zone!  LOL.  And then us girls split off to go shopping at the mall because we SO weren’t interested in going to the Tool store.  Hahaha.  I even spent a little bit of money without feeling guilty since it was my birthday present…lol.  I’d totally put the night up there at the top of my ideas for a perfect birthday. 

Now it’s Monday…and the Monday after the time-change no less, so I am totally dragging.  Haven’t gotten ANYTHING done today.   =/ 


There’s all the blah blah update I can come up with for now, so I guess I’ll head off and try to be productive for the afternoon.  =) 

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