Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Motivating Myself



I was so annoyed by this hole in the wall in my craft room, that I decided to make it better.  Inspiring even.  So I cut a piece of cardboard to fit it and painted it with some of my acrylic paints.  Then I put about 4 staples into it around the edges and black duct tape to clean up the edges and now it looks like a piece of art on my craft room wall. 

Granted, it’s not a PERFECT piece of art, but it sure beats having to pile up my scrapbooking bags in front of it to hold up the other piece of cardboard that was covering the hole.  =)

Now I hope KC doesn’t decide to fix it anytime soon…because I like it.  HAHA! 

Please excuse the terrible pictures from my ipod.  =) 

And now, I’m off to clean this impossible mess because I know it only seems impossible and once I am done, I will feel better.  =) =) =) 


  1. Will you come clean my craft room? I've given up on it. Every time I get a space or two cleaned out, that room ALWAYS accumulates more junk. And right now I have a sign on the door the reads, "This room could be hazardous to your health & safety, if entered. :)"

    I think your decor creations is both creative and cute!

  2. *creation

    I was admiring your neat penmanship too. Not sure I could do it that neatly especially with paint. So great job! :o)

  3. Great idea! I have a big hole in my armoire where an old tube style TV once stuck out the back. Now that its been replaced with a flat screen there's a gaping hole above the TV. Might have to borrow your idea. :)


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