Friday, January 27, 2012

After These Messages….

Pardon, while I pause for a few moments from the home remodeling business to talk about some digi-goodness that has recently been released…

(Image is linked to kit)

As for what I did with this kit: Well…I’m short on time this year and decided to try this idea I saw on Pinterest for valentines.  I’m going to get 4x6 pictures printed, then in their hand, you cut a slit right above their fist and a slit right below their fist and then you stick something through it (a sucker, pixie stick, etc.)  For Munchkin, I have pencils from valentines day last year that I bought at like 75% off after the holiday and I’m going to let her stick those in hers. 

valentine girl4x6 -1valentine girl4x6 -2

I don’t know yet which one she will want, so I haven’t ordered them yet, but Walgreens has 50 prints for $5 through tomorrow so I will be ordering as soon as the kids get home from school. 

I did one for K-man, too (a red and black one, and ixed-nay on the flowers) but that kit hasn’t been released yet, so I’ll be ordering it with the Munchkin’s but not posting it on here.  =) 

I used OldeChicago font. 

So both kids valentines for $5 (not including the steal I got on the pencils and I will still need to buy a bag of suckers for the K-man’s)…these days that’s a pretty good deal.  I’ve noticed that very few of the kids do those cheap boxed valentines anymore…it’s always something with a goody attached…and I don’t know if you’ve seen the prices on those goody ones lately, but…yikes.  I prefer to do it myself.  =)

And now…back to your regularly scheduled programming.  (LOL) 

I need to go get ready to go so that when everyone gets home, we can go pick out (and hopefully order) our countertop!  And then it’s a friend’s birthday party (after a stop at the store for a gift), and then to meet the in-laws because they want the kids tonight, and then back home to get busy sanding…

And I’m pretty sure I am going to find a Dr. Pepper SOMEWHERE in that afternoon…I need one DESPERATELY.  I haven’t had one since….


*squeaky tiny voice* ……….yesterday………..

Who said quitting (again) would be a good idea anyway?

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  1. L.O.V.E! I have wanted to try this idea on someone for a couple of years now, and have never had the opportunity. You need to check out the cute/cool Dr.Pepper cupcake picture I have on Pinterest. Thought of you. :)


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