Saturday, December 03, 2011

Winken, Blinken, & Nod

There’s a story to that title….I don’t remember the story, but it seemed like an appropriate title simply for the fact that I’m all three at the moment.  LOL. 

It has been a day.  IMG_1255web

First I worked on finishing the Christmas cards.  MAKING them, that is…they are not addressed.  That’s a whole NOTHER item on the to-do list. 

Yeah.  78 of them.  Hello, future readers of this blog, directed here by my Christmas card, if you are going back through the archives and find this post…just wanted to say that if you got one of those handmade cards from me, I hope you know you’re special.  ;-)  And if you didn’t get one of those handmade cards from me (and just happened to stumble on this blog by accident), you are probably still special, I just didn’t have your address.  Love, tired but miraculously un-paper-cutted, ME.  =P


Also today, I made shredded ranch chicken flautas (I’m not sure what those are, I just saw a recipe for them and very loosely followed it from memory…which might mean that it was nothing like flautas and more like chicken buritos…hahaha). 

And I let the kids hang out in my craft room and cut paper and color (holding head and moaning…that was torture for my perfectionist self) Just keep doing your thing, Faith, and don’t go help them make cards so that they will actually LOOK like what they’re trying to replicate….yes, I gave myself a version of that pep talk at least once.  Maybe a million.  And I never exaggerate.  EVER.  Much.  Moving on. 

Let’s see, I also took a shower and fixed my hair for a family snapshot on our front step.  And then I took the picture….well, actually the camera took it and I just ran around and jumped in….and LOOKED like I ran around and jumped in.  And then the kids were fake smiling and we had to give them a few lessons on smiling…in the freezing cold and then—I totally should copy this into the “christmas letter post” which shall be mentioned in the christmas card so everyone will get the backstory on the photo…lol.

I also edited said photos.  I got two that are reasonable.  Not great, by ANY stretch of the imagination but since I’m my photographer, I feel like I have the right to criticize.  HAHA.

ANYWAY.  I’m tired.  And…blink. blink.            blink.        


Whaa—huh?  Oh, no, I’m not sleeping, just restin’ my eyes. 

But I think I will call it a night now.  =)   

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  1. DO you know that I made my Christmas "cards" back in Jan. or Feb. so I wouldn't have to stress about making them at Christmas time? Did you know they are still sitting in my closet, when they should be in the mail?

    You go girl! Making 78 cards is a BIG feat! Wow. I'm tired just thinking about it. lol.


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