Sunday, December 11, 2011

Note To Self

Next time you decide to write the Christmas letter in a post and then just write the address in the christmas card for anyone who wants to read it….


Or else print off labels.  By the 35th time of writing out http semicolon slash slash alwaysfaith dot blogspot dot com slash 2011 slash 12 slash christmas-post dot html, you will be kicking yourself for that dumb idea.  Consequently, at least half the Christmas cards will probably never know about the Christmas post because you will start just leaving it out of every fifth one..and then every third one…and then every one…hahaha. 

And that’s where I’ve been all week…trying to get all the cards done, trying to get gifts made, trying to get appointments taken care of….you know…that sort of thing.  And I have photos right now that need to be edited and two of the three sessions need to be wrapped up by tomorrow…but my eyes are crossing right now…so I guess I’ll just get up early in the morning.  =)

(Where are those cross-eyed smiley faces when you need one?)



  1. I saw this the other day.....

  2. Dawn...that is seriously cool! I'm not sure i have the tech savvy to do that but it's pretty neat anyway! =)

  3. Dawn- That is a really cool idea. The only problem is, not everyone has smart phones in my family. But that still is really cool! :)

    Faith- Know what you mean! Hahaha. Another option is to just write it in your cards for family out of state. Or you could post it on FB.

  4. lol good point, Jules...most of my christmas cards were going out of state, but i guess i could have posted it on fb...except then maybe people would know they weren't on my christmas card list...since i didn't send a card to everyone on my FB...hahaha. Oh well...I have a whole nother year to think about the next strategy, right? haha

  5. Send private messages to those out of state. (If they're on FB, that is.) Or send an email. :)


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