Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You

Well, today’s thank you is probably more obvious than the nose on my face (which…well, no comment…lol).

Today, 11-11-11, my thankful thing is to all those who serve (or served) in the efforts to preserve our safety and freedom. I know many who have fought for our rights, some friends, some family, some aquaintances, some I just see in the news and feel my heart break for their families.

Their sacrifice and service doesn’t go unnoticed, even though a lot of times, it, unfortunately, goes unsaid.

It seemed like I had something else to add to this post, but evidently it will also go unsaid, since I don’t remember at all what it was.

So, Happy Veteran’s Day and Happy 11.11.11 Day. =)

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  1. I was listening to NPR this morning when a veteran shared his story about Pearl Harbor. He said he couldn't remember what he read in the newspaper this morning, but he couldn't forget what he experienced there... The veterans and their families deal with life in ways we never imagine as civilians...

    Thanks for the reminder to not let our appreciation go unspoken.


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