Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Oh Poo

Happy 11/1/11…lol.  Does it make you a geek to think things like that are cool?  Or just plain weird?  Well, I’m okay with being both…something I’ve lived with for years now…hahaha. 

And 11/11/11 will be even cooler.  *geeky grin* 

Okay…anyway.  The dogs brought down an atomic fireball today and were playing with it in the wrapper, so I thought…hum…I’m going to be mean and unwrap it for them.  LOL. 

It was SOO funny watching them try to eat it, but they would pick it up, drop it, shake their heads like crazy and lick their lips and then repeat the process.  Bwahaha.  HILARIOUS! 


Please excuse the terrible cell phone picture…it was what I had handy.

And then I walked through the house and realized that all the leftover holiday candy had disappeared out of the basket.  All that was left was a couple of wrappers on the floor and a bar of chocolate that they had evidently not been able to get the wrapper off of.  DOH.  Had I known they’d already been in the candy, I wouldn’t have added a possible fire to their list of potential tummy troubles.  I’m not sure how much was left in the basket, but I’d say they probably had around 10-15 pieces of candy, at least. 

So far, they don’t appear to be exhibiting any ill effects, but I bet tomorrow, their…ahem….tail will tell the tale.  Hahaha.  Sorry.  LOL. 

While we’re on the subject of dogs, you should see them when I let them lick out the last smears of peanut butter before I throw the jar in the recycle bin….two dogs trying to get their tongue up in a jar at the same time…it’s pretty funny. 

As inconvenient as these guys sometimes are, I think I’ll keep them.  =) 

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  1. Hahaha! This post made me smile and chuckle. I can just imagine what the fireball did to your dogs. lol. Can't believe they got into your candy bowl and finished it off! :o)


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