Friday, November 04, 2011

Not My Thing

Tonight I’m thankful that I’m already married and (good Lord IMG_2512willing) will never have to go through the torture of a wedding and all the mess that goes with it ever again.  Gahk.  Something about attending weddings always makes me feel that way.  I very seldom see a wedding that doesn’t make me feel that way.  Come to think of it, I don’t remember ANY that have ever made me want to repeat the procedure. 

And that’s nothing personal…I’ve seen lots of perfectly nice weddings….but for me, I’m just quite grateful to be past that point.  LOL. 

They’re just not my thing.  Now, the being married part suits me just fine.  =) 

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  1. I don't miss the part of planning either. It was so much work!!! A whole lot of work for a couple of hours of beauty. But mine was very beautiful!! Shane wants to do a 10 yr. I say NO, he basically had to show up. I love the being married part


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