Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In A (Coco)Nutshell

This was such a great vacation…I loved every bit of it, but I don’t have any idea where to start writing about it.  I should have taken a pen and paper and wrote down things from each day but obviously it’s too late for that now.  I guess I’ll just post the pictures and see where I get from there.  =)

Um…now I guess I have to figure out how to go into the album and edit the captions…lol.  And then maybe I’ll just come back and wrap this up with a list of unforgettables.  LOL. 

Unforgettables: (not in any order…hey…it’s late and my brain is already asleep)

  1. The Mayan Battery.  So we’re climbing up the 80 steps to the Mayan ruins and this kid behind us spots a discarded AA battery on the ground.  “Mom, look, it’s a battery,” he said.  And my husband, who overhears him, says to the kid, “Oh, that’s a MAYAN battery!”  So the kid turns back to his mom, “Mom, is that really a Mayan battery????  That was a joke, wasn’t it, Mom?!”  We are still laughing about it. 
  2. All the formal dinners.  Especially the last one, which we spent laughing almost the whole time at goofy stuff.  Our dinner friends, Kelly and Collin (her son) were laughing as much as we were…that’s always fun!  All of the nightly dinners were great though.  The other couple at our table (John & Sherry) were really nice, too, even though they were only there a couple of the nights.  And we even enjoyed ourselves the first night when it was just KC and I at our assigned table. 
  3. Snorkeling on the coral reef.  Even though the disposable underwater camera didn’t really show all the cool things I thought I was catching, we did see a sea turtle, a small shark, a stingray, a few Dory’s, barracuda, Nemo, and a dolphin (on the way back, on the Catamaran).  And the water was so clear…way clearer than the underwater camera showed. 
  4. Country Strong
  5. The Vortex of Terror (basically on one end of the top deck on the back of the ship, the wind was REALLY bad on the last day…worse there than anywhere else on the ship).  Let’s just say that I had to comb my hair a few extra times…and…um…I had a very light, full skirt on.  Thankfully, the vortex of terror was unoccupied when we walked through, so there weren’t any witnesses.  Except KC, who thought it was funny.  LOL. 
  6. Looking out and seeing nothing anywhere except…WATER! 
  7. Trying to use the bathroom in the catamaran.  *gulp*  It was literally a bucket with a hole in the bottom.  You couldn’t put any paper in it and it had no seat.  AND the boat was rocking enough that you had to hold on to something to stand up…probably would have made a great funniest home video.  LOL!
  8. Speaking of bathrooms, it was pretty challenging to take showers in the 3x3 shower while the ship was rocking back and forth.  Not quite as challenging as the catamaran bathroom, but still…a little different. =)
  9. Walking through the centrum on the first full day at sea and hearing the live band playing the song that the band was playing on the Titanic – as it was sinking. 
  10. Being old people and going to bed before midnight every night…but then we slept really good because the rocking was really soothing….except for the pillows, which were too flat to use one, and too thick to use two.  We both came home with cricks.  LOL.  Oh well.  Totally worth it. 

And that’s pretty much our trip in a (coco)nutshell.  LOL.  Okay, so there really was a lot more than that, but I am so tired and this post has taken all day.  =)  So…in a nutshell, loved it and can’t WAIT to do it again. 


  1. WOW! Sounds like an amazing experience! I would LOVE to be rocked to sleep on a boat! How Awesome! Couldn't do the snorkeling though. No sharks for me!! Glad you had a good time! :) Love Ya!


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