Wednesday, November 02, 2011

All Clear

Well, yesterday I was thankful for my dogs. 

Today I’m thankful for my hubby.  And I’m thankful for a God that made us best friends and kept us together for the last (almost) ten years.

Oh yes, and I should insert here that my thankful list of things is NOT posted in order of importance.  ROFL! 

I only posted that yesterday because it happened yesterday and I had a picture. 

I guess I could feed KC an atomic fireball and take a picture, but somehow, I don’t think that would be quite as funny since he actually LIKES atomic fireballs.  LOL! 


Yes, I think this picture is perfect for the moment…even though he wasn’t eating a fireball and this wasn’t taken today.  Haha.  I get that look anytime I say something goofy…or any time I pull out my camera and point it at him.  But that’s okay…I still love him.  I got the best.  =) 

Oh yes, and I’m also thankful that the dogs still haven’t shown any signs of an adverse reaction to their candy spree. 

I’m not just thankful for the big things, I’m thankful for the little things, too.  I never want to forget either the big or the small ones…because I don’t deserve any of them, but I sure do appreciate them. 

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  1. Could also be titled "The Look". lol

    That's one way of being thankful for "the look" b/c you're thankful for the person giving you "the look". :o)

    I could argue with you about him being "the best", but since this is your post and your life, I won't. haha


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