Sunday, August 07, 2011


That’s me.  I brought the kids back some yard sale treasures (you know they are my kids because they LOVE yard sale treasures…bwahahaha) and when I was almost home, I thought…you know, I never found anything for KC (and yes, I did look…lol).  And then my dad said, don’t worry…you brought him back YOU.  ROFL. 

IMG_0392ewebDad was a trip all by himself.  LOL…I love him.  He was hilarious!  We did have a good trip though, but Grandma definitely has declined since we were last up.  She’s lost a lot of weight, and doesn’t have much energy to think or talk or stay awake very long.  It makes me sad to think about it very long. 

But she did have a couple of very lucid moments and she did know who I was and recalled my name several times this trip. 

And she ate pretty good, too, which was unusual for her.  Of course, dad made gnocchis so perhaps that had something to do with it.  LOL. 

Dad and I went to some yard sales but I didn’t find as much as I usually do…of course, I had to be extremely choosy about my purchases because they had to fit into my carry-on.  LOL. 

Saturday, my aunt had some stumps from a tree they cut down in their yard.  She had a whole bunch of them and wanted to try making art out of them to plant in her backyard.  And her sister had brought over a bunch of leftover paints…so we played.  LOL.  They looked more detailed in real life but here’s an idea of how big they are.  LOL.  In case it’s not obvious, I did the yellow one and Aunt M did the blue one.  =)   IMG_0410e2IMG_0410e3





And the last two pictures are in flight today.  I love how it’s raining on the ground but when you get above the clouds the sun is still there.  It’s awesome.  And even awesome-er was making the descent into good ol’ big city and getting to our car and getting home. 

Oh and the steward dude on the last flight was HILARIOUS!  He actually sang the barney song at the very end of our flight….only….

We love you, you love us,
We’re much faster than the bus,
We hope you enjoyed our hospitality,
Marry one of us and you’ll fly free

And he was crackin jokes the entire time he ran through the safety instructions…and never once did the guy smile.  I’m sure he was just bored -- but it was funny!

“Should this flight turn into a cruise, your seat cushion will become a floatation device, and you should put your…”

“The cabin lights will be turned off at this time for take-off, if you need additional lighting, just press the button that looks like a sun above you and the sun will shine.”

And it just didn’t stop….everything was like that. 

And for a little bit of random…here’s another one of the stumps…this was my practice stump.  lol.  I liked it a lot though….I could totally see sitting this one up and sealing the top off to make a garden seat.  A set of four of these around a rustic table would be SO cute.  It would probably be too cute for KC but oh well…I like it.  haha. 


And that’s it.  I’m home.  I’m tired.  And I’m going to bed.  =)


  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Welcome home, Faith. So happy to hear you had a good trip. Absolutely love the tree stump art! These would look great in your backyard. Love, Aunt Carol

  2. LOVE the stump art!! How cool and Creative :)

  3. Glad you made it back...and the stumps are too cute...I wouldn't care what "the other" Casey thought...but then again I don't have to live with him lol I'll help you though if you decide to do it...then you can blame it on me ;)

  4. The painted stumps are so cooL! What a great idea! Last winter, when we lost our tree, I tried talked Clay into letting me keep some of it to make a table and stools, but I think the tree was too far gone. Meaning it had termites. Oh well. Don't think I would have thought of painting them. You could paint KC a buckeye one, then maybe he would be happy. :o)


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