Wednesday, August 03, 2011

It Takes Awhile

But I do eventually get back to it.  LOL.  Evidently Wednesday is going to be the day of post.  Since I have been doing terrible about getting back before then.  hahah. 

I laughed at the last comments…you guys are funny.  =) 

I don’t really have anything super enlightening to talk about.  The weekend was vacation bible school…and as I said on my facebook, it takes very very special people to work with kids at VBS--and I have come to discover that I’m not as special as I always thought I was….hahah.  I’m only half kidding…I survived…but I spent a good part of the weekend annoyed.  LOL.  I’m just glad that is over.

I managed to squeeze in a little swimming this week but spent most of my time doing laundry and cleaning and packing.  My dad and I are flyin out in the morning for NY.  KC’s mom has the kids, KC will be here to watch the puppies…and I’m ready to be back before I even leave.  LOL. 

Nah…I love flying but I don’t like to be gone.  I’m really gonna miss the puppies.  HAHAHAHA.  Of course, I’ll miss KC and the kids first.  HAHHAA. 

Well, I feel like I’m babbling and I’m tired so I’m gonna go walk the pups and hit the sack.  I probably won’t have internet at all over the weekend, so I’ll see ya’ll…uh….next Wednesday probably.  =) 

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  1. I hope everything goes well with your visit. Will be praying for your family and your grandma. Grandmas are special people. No one an replace them.


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