Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bless the Lord

Oh my soul….and all that is within me….

Now I just WISH I had nothing to say. 

Dear heavenly Father! 

I can’t talk about most of it, but what I can say….

I didn’t get on here Friday because I really didn’t want to complain.  I still don’t want to complain, so I’ll just gloss over the facts of Friday:

I wanted to do a good deed and weed-eat the yard for my hubby to make his life a little easier this week. 

I weed-ate.  YES.  ME.  Aren’t you so proud?  I cranked up that booger all by myself (okay, so I read the instructions on the handle) and took care of business. 

Right as I was finishing, I found a fun bunch of buddies in the back yard who wore yellow jackets and lived in a hole in the ground and were not happy about me eating weeds there. 

I don’t know how many stings/bites I got, but it was more than 5, and I’m pretty sure the dude that wouldn’t get off my finger no matter how much I flung my hand around got in at least 6 stings/bites because that one was the worst. 

Lucky for me, it was the backyard and no one was around to see me drop the weed-whacker and run into the house discarding clothing as I ran…lol. 

I’m thankful it wasn’t worse, but three days later, my left ring finger is still swollen, throbbing, and stiff.  I’m not complaining, really.  I’m just ready for all these stings/bites to disappear already.  I think I’ve paid enough penance for my good deed.  Winking smile 


Yesterday, I spent the morning with a friend who is taking over the VBS Crafts spot that I vacated this year…lol.  Vacation Bible School you know….not that I quit entirely, just doing a different task because my patience ran out with kids who don’t/won’t listen.  But I’m not a completely horrible friend, because I did tell her I would totally help her shop and get all the stuff ready for it and all…she just gets to be the patient one and deal with the kids.   Teehehe. 

And last night I spent the night with some old gal pals (old as in long time, not old as in age…because they are the same age as me and I refuse to truly get old).  Anyway, I came home this morning (at 12:45…lol).  It was a fun night.  And I have no further comment.  ROFL! 

Today the choir went to sing for Nanny (a seasoned sister at our church who has been unable to get out to church in quite a few weeks now).  I didn’t take pictures while we were there, but as we were leaving, I snapped a couple from my van.  Not great ones because it was totally spur of the moment and candid, but pictures.  IMG_0248ewebIMG_0250ewebBless her heart.  She is one of the sweetest people I know!  She was so glad to see us.  I almost cried and that’s saying a lot.  (And no, it wasn’t cuz my finger was hurting either.  lol)  Her knees are pretty much give out and she said her doctor said he can’t do anything else for her except surgery and even that is not likely to help at her age.  She stays in a lot of pain with them, so if you can, remember her when you pray.  I’m sure she’d appreciate it! 

And my mom was awesome and came to my house and walked my dogs since we couldn’t get back home today because of the booked afternoon.  My parents are great.  (Love you guys! =)

And then some other stuff, no further comment there.

IMG_0254ewebAnd then little guy lost his first tooth tonight!  *boohoo*  He’s growing up on me, too.  First Munchkin and now K-man….*sigh* 

He prayed at bedtime, the usual prayer with a ps.  “oh and please help my tooth to grow back.  Amen.” 


And then I got on facebook…and that’s all I’ll say about THAT. 

My weekend in a nutshell.  =)

And my finger is on fire, so I’m off to find something to cool it down again.  Not complaining…stating facts.  Winking smile


  1. Yee'ouch! Don't know if it is too late now, but if you put tooth paste on your sting bites when it first happens it takes the sting out and is suppose to help the swelling. Still might try it on that ring finger if it is still bothering you. Sounds like your weekend was just as busy as mine.

  2. Old gal pals... no further comment here either!

    Love Nanny and hate she's in pain.

  3. Love it. Thanks for including me in your weekend. ;) Hoping your finger is better soon!

    BTW ALMOST text you today, but I made a decision for myself! Yay not being completely dis-functional! Except of course...I almost dropped a box of light switch covers in doing so.


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