Saturday, June 11, 2011

Handyman Honey

IMG_9961ewebLast Saturday…we went looking for yards on sale (lol) and then when we got back, we had to work around the house for a little while before going to our afternoon of parties. 

It was hot.  It was especially hot for poor KC up on the roof up there.  And I (standing on the deck underneath him waiting for him to need something and wringing my hands and worrying that he was going to fall off) was cooking but IMG_9960ewebcouldn’t complain because it was about 4 times hotter up on the roof and I wasn’t even doing anything strenuous like putting in an attic vent. 

So then I climbed up on the roof to take a picture of him.  I am so not a sissy…but I didn’t like it up there.  We kinda have a tall house.  But he did good…got it in and working like a charm.  That’s my honey. 

And oh…PW’s MM has nothin on my baby. ;-) WHEW!  Be still, my heart!!!!! ;-)


Mmmmm hmmmmm!  Okay…that’s it.  That’s all I wanted to say.  ;-)

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