Thursday, June 30, 2011


I don’t remember when I last posted.  That is bad.  I am not getting any better at this.  But I’m still posting…even if it’s sporadic, which is more than I can say for…ahem…well…anyway.

I’ll do better in July.  =)  I think I’m going to try this 30 day photo challenge and try to post more frequently that way…

anyway…it’s not like the usual photo hunt style, but just to keep me on my toes…=) 

Like I need anything else to keep me on my toes.  I feel like I’m hopping all the time…I really need to go back and see what I said last because I don’t remember.  And I sure don’t want to repeat myself.  That would be dreadful. 

sweet weblgOh yes, so Munchkin’s back from her week away.  It ended up being a little over a week but who’s counting?  LOL.  It was so nice to see her scowling face again.  LOL.  Just kidding…she only scowls when I have a camera out. 

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My sisters (the ones I picked, because God didn’t give me any…lol) and I have been getting together once a week on Thursday afternoons and all our kids play (okay, we moms play, too, but we won’t go there…lol).  ANYWAY.  K-man has been paranoid of the deep end for weeks (even though he’s technically swimming now and can, within reason, stay afloat out there and get from one end to the other) and today the peer pressure got to him.  The older kids just jump in and go, no floaties, nothing…so now that’s what he does. I had to actually get onto him for jumping in the deep end after I’d told him to stay out of the deep end unless he had a floatie on since all the adults were on the other side of the pool.  I mean, he swam across and was fine, but I just worry about him panicking and running out of energy without someone nearby “just in case” since he’s a fairly new swimmer.  But three weeks ago, I could barely convince him to get in the deep end WITH a float.  LOL.  Oh yeah…and that’s without swim lessons…that’s just me working with him every time we get in the pool.  Teehehe.

Well anyway.

Today was lovely…sister therapy is great.  Tomorrow my dad’s coming over and hanging out for a bit and then I’m not sure what we’re going to do tomorrow evening.  I probably need to go grocery shopping…I have lots of food that the Munchkin and I like (you know…yummy stuff like rice and beans…lol) and not so much that the hubby and the K-man will eat.  My life is so exciting.  I should write notes to myself when I think of something I should blog about because the only things I remember when I come back and write later…well, they make my life sound so boring.  Or maybe it is boring and I’m just now realizing it.  ;-)

On that happy note…goodnight.  =)

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  1. Therapy Thursday was not boring! :)


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