Sunday, June 19, 2011



And that has been the story of my life for the last couple of days.  Feels like my eyelids and sinuses are about three times larger than normal.  It’s the strangest thing though…I walk by the mirror and they don’t LOOK like they’re three times larger than normal.  LOL

I took one of those fizzy alkaseltzer cold and sinus packs last night around 10:30 and it knocked me OUT.  KC woke me up this morning for church and I tried to get up.  I did crawl out of bed long enough to look at the shower and moan and then go back to bed.  LOL  It was like I was in this horrible fog and my eyes wouldn’t stay open.  I did keep them open long enough to get the dogs walked and the kids dressed and fed but as soon as KC left I went back to bed and slept til noon.  And then I got up and showered in time to meet my dad for lunch for fathers day and came back home and went BACK to bed and slept til time to get up for church again.  Most of the fuzziness in my brain was gone by then…I just don’t know how I could sleep that much and still be tired. 

I really have no other news….it’s been busy but I haven’t felt like saying much lately…lol.  Still don’t really, but I figured I’d better get on here and say something or else be guilty of falling into that slacker blogger category that seems to be taking over the blogosphere.  haha.  =) 

Anyway…later.  =)

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