Thursday, April 07, 2011

Day 28-31–March 2011

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Well, I know the last few days of March are late….I was holding off because Focus got a change up.  Apparently two of the designers aren’t designing anymore so it got pulled.  But the good news is that Sweet Tomato Designs IS still designing, so she pulled her part and created a new kit with it.  It’s not released yet, so I can’t give anymore info but it’s got a lot of the same things in it that it had before but with some new fun elements.  =)  Yay.  I still have to do a title page for this little mini album, but I’ll wait a few days for that. 

In other news, I really haven’t fallen off the blog-wagon, I’ve just been busy and pre-occupied.  The last of March got crazy busy and this month seems to have continued the trend. 

Thursday Thirteen:

Thirteen Good Things: (Philippians 4:8 – the mantra around our house lately thanks to some parenting frustrations that seem to be getting ever worse…but I won’t go there because there’s NO virtue in that and we’re really trying to think on the good things…lol)

  1. Our electric bill this month is the lowest bill we’ve ever had in this house.  It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten a bill and ran cheering into the house waving it around like I’d won the lottery! 
  2. I got to go to Sister’s Night Out this week…it was SO nice to get away from certain parenting frustrations for a night. 
  3. The hubby watched the kids for me to get out.  He even got them in bed on time.  I have a great hubby. 
  4. The dogs haven’t ran out of the fence anymore.  Hope I didn’t just jinx it.  haha.  But I don’t have to walk them anymore, so my shoulder is feeling a little better.  I still have to walk them down to the p**p spot but I don’t have to have them on leashes…yay. 
  5. My hubby finally talked me into getting recliners for the basement.  I dragged my feet because of the price and we had perfectly fine seats already, but now that these recliners are here, I totally concur…they are way more comfortable for sitting/sleeping in…*shhh* don’t tell him I said that. 
  6. I helped him carry the old couches upstairs and move the new HEAVY recliners into the basement and my shoulder seems only minimally worse for wear…(I know mother{s}, I shouldn’t be lifting heavy things…don’t call and yell at me…I know, I know…lol)
  7. The girl who lived with us last summer finally posted on her facebook again, I was wondering if she was still okay, so it’s nice to know she’s still there and okay. 
  8. This year will make ten years that I’ve been a married chick.  That’s a good thing.  It makes me feel old, though, and that’s definitely NOT.  (although it’s better than the alternative….lol). 
  9. K-man had his kindergarten assessment last week.  I’m disappointed because they don’t consider it an option to put him in first grade even though he’s way ahead, he’s going to have to repeat K, but my good thought is that my homeschooled (and therefore supposedly antisocial) child was one of the only children in the assessment group who was not the least bit shy in talking to the adults or other kids.  HA.  Take that, my anti-homeschool hubby…lol….LOVE YOU!  lol! 
  10. I got my iTunes moved from the kids computer over to my computer…it’s complicated to transfer a synced iPod to a different computer, but I figured it out without KC…go self!  lol. 
  11. Munchkin made me laugh this week when she was doing her homework.  I posted it on facebook, but for ya’ll who don’t see that, here’s what I posted:
        ”I’m listening to homework assignments. Munchkin
    reading nonfiction about the worker bees. They are
         all female and they collect all the food, make the
         honey, feed the drones (which are males), etc. And
         according to the book the drones only have to mate 
         with the queen bee(?!?). So what does Munchkin
         say? That's not fair!! Why do girls have to do ALL the
         work? I said not a word. NOT. A. WORD. Rofl!!”
  12. I survived youth camp a few weeks ago.  Thank God for maturity…I wouldn’t want to relive the youth camps as a youth ever again.  With age DOES come some wisdom…even though some things NEVER EVER change, I’m so glad I can deal with it better than I used to…lol. 
  13. It’s bedtime.  I have been on the move so much lately that I haven’t had any chances to catch any extra Z’s so I am zonked.  lol.  that’s probably a good thing.  LOL.  Night!


  1. I was beginning to worry about you. I was sure that you either fell off the blog-wagon or perhaps you decided to take a long break away from it. Just so happens life's busy-ness just about swallowed you whole. Know how it is girly. I love Munchkin's statement about it not being fair! LOL. :o) It's not fair is it? LOL!!!! :o) Hahaha!

    Philippians 4:8 is an ever good one to think on. Will be praying for you. God will give the wisdom and know-how. Glad to hear from ya.

  2. Yay! Blogs aren't going away, you posted. :)


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