Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day 8—March 2011

3-8 web

Whew…I almost missed a day…got busy last night because we had choir practice which took up the whole evening and had to backdate this one.  LOL.  I say it still counts…lol. 

Kit: Focus Collab by Sweet Tomato Designs, Heather Hess, & Pagefrocks

Font: My own handwriting


  1. Happy Birthday, Faith!!!!! This time next year, you'll be 29 FOREVER!! Love you, Aunt Carol

  2. On my 30th birthday I decided I was going to stay 27 forever. Not b/c I dreaded turning 30, but b/c it wasn't until I turned 28 that I realzed a few things and changes in my being that remind me I'm not getting younger. At 29 I realized I can't just jump up out of the floor when playing duck-duck-goose with my little cousins. Thus 27 seems to be the perfect age. LOL. Course I don't say all of that to scare you, just say'n. :o)

  3. LOL....thanks guys. I feel so much better...maybe i'll just stay 28 forever...hahaha. =)


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