Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still Kickin…

I got a package in the mail today and nearly did the happy dance in front of Mr. Postal Delivery Dude.  I got my 73 scrapbook pages.   SEVENTY-THREE!  PAGES!  I was a teensy tiny bit behind on printing.  But I put all the pages in order and into scrapbooks.  Filled 2 up and then a few random pages for other projects.  *googly eyes*  I’m so happy to feel almost caught up.  I’m not, of course…and putting them into the albums made me realize that I totally missed a few major events…like Christmas—two years in a row.  Oops.  So I have a few holes to fill, but most of 2009-10 is done and I need to finish up 06, 07, and 08 and then it will just be 11.  Yay! 

We took the kids to the big gray mouse place tonight…they did pretty well…we’re finally getting to the place where we can actually have a little fun with them at places like that.  Haha…you know, before—they have fun but mom and dad leave frustrated because the kids don’t listen and they don’t have a clue about how the games work….lol.  Now they actually can play the games so it’s a little more fun to take them there.  Teehehe.  They were cracking me up on the little kid air hockey game…K-man was karate chopping the little puck thing (as in, every time he hit it he had a sound effect—hiiii---yahhh!…lol)  Hilarious. 

I also went to Wally World this morning.  Dr. Pepper was on sale.  Next week I’ll quit for the 783rd time. 

That was a not so proud moment, but I AM so proud of myself for this next part…I put myself on a grocery freeze and I’m trying to use up all the food in the pantry.  You know those things you pick up on sale here and there and before you know it, you have a pantry full of tomato sauce cans but no spaghetti.  And the random snacks that never get completely finished and stack up in the back.  So I’m on a mission to use up instead of throw out.  So far I’ve only bought maybe $80 of groceries this month.  And most of that was just milk and bread and a few random staples that I ran out of…garlic powder, parmesan cheese, taco seasoning…that sort of thing.  =)  Nobody’s gone hungry yet.  =)  LOL.  KC’s diet’s going well though.  Particularly on nights when I’m using up the vegetables…haha! 

A little bit of random, I had a weird dream this morning. Actually I’ve had a lot of weird dreams here lately, but most of them are so awful I can’t even repeat them…lol.  This morning I dreamed that I was sleeping in my bed and the dogs were curled up on the bed with me and I woke up (in my dream) and saw Ahsoka coming down the stairs but it wasn’t Ahsoka because she was laying on the bed next to me.  It was just a dog that looked just like her and I was freaking out because we can’t keep THREE dogs and I couldn’t figure out where this third dog came from and then I picked it up and it wasn’t as big as I thought it was, it was a puppy but it was like a special needs puppy…it had a second head growing out of it’s main head.  Oh it was bad.  I was so upset. 

And finally, I’d like to report that after KC cracked my back for me, most of the pain went away and I just have a bruise on my hip from my trip down the stairs.  LOL’ed at all the comments from that one.  *grin*  But I am still alive and not in too much misery. =) 

Off for now!  =)


  1. We love the big grey mouse place!!

  2. i have a love/hate relationship with a budget freeze. we've been on one often enough that you'd think i'd have mastered the art but, oh no!

    but using all the food in the cubbards is a definately a good thing. i was suppose to do that this month too but i caved in and went shopping. :'-(

  3. I done the pantry thing a few weeks back, mostly out of necessity. It was my first time. Went well. Like you said, "no one went hungry" So glad your back is feeling better
    I think I may take you up on the paint buddy offer when it comes time to paint the stairwell, bedroom and bath up stairs. Dont know when that will be at this point,though. So maybe I can send you a "save the date"

  4. My pantry/fridge/freezer is oh-so-small, hope I never have to go on a long freeze. But I've had this big container of organic wild rice for a loooong time. When I was snowed in i decided it was time to use some of it, although it expired in 2009. Ha! Surely rice doesn't go too bad and I'm still breathing. But if anyone gets low and wants some me!


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