Monday, January 17, 2011


So KC had a rough day at work today and after he got home he was ready for some wind down time.  So I cleaned the folded laundry off the bed so that KC could lay down, got the kids settled into quiet activities, took the basket back into the laundry room, came out and shut the door behind me, and then quietly called the dogs so that I could take them downstairs to complete the circle of quietness for KC.  Only, only one dog showed up when I called.  So I retraced my steps, quietly calling the missing dog.  After I walked the house and no dog, I started opening closed doors.  When I opened the laundry room door, there she was.  Quietly standing there in the dark, waiting for mommy to come back and open the door for her.  She wasn’t whining, not scratching the door or ANYTHING.  I didn’t even see her come in behind me when I took the basket in there…oops.  Poor puppy. 

And then I turned on a kid flick for K-man and told him he could go up and tell Munchkin that she could clean up what she was playing with and come down if she wanted to watch.  And she came downstairs to tell me that “thank you, but no.”  REALLY?  This from the child who a-DORES mindless entertainment?  Seriously…she prefers it 9 times out of 10 to having to actually use her brain to play…lol.  But tonight she played with all the barbie peoples…ALL evening.  Didn’t want to leave her room.  The world is coming to an end.  =) 

Anyway, that’s about it…I’m tired…think I’ll hop off here.  =) 


  1. Ha! It's amazing that you didn't bump into her on your way out. LOL. She must have needed some alone time. :o) Much like the rest of us girls need it from time to time!

    And hey, maybe Munchkin is finally realizing that using her brain to play...can indeed be fun. :o) Maybe. At least tonight she did. Or maybe she just need her alone time too. ;o)

  2. poor puppy but yay for munchkin!!!! :)

  3. Oh! I miss barbies and baby dolls! Never though I would say that, though. Maddie used to follow me around, now she is too lazy!


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