Monday, January 24, 2011

Dancing Like Wolves

After church on the way home last night we IMG_94623stopped to pick up a snack from…”You know when it’s real” because we weren’t in the “I’m lovin’ it” mood…(LOL). 

K-man: Daddy, can I have my drink? 
KC: Yes, one sip.  And then you can have another sip before bed, but you can’t have the whole thing because you’ll P the bed.  P boy.  (said with humor…he wasn’t being mean…lol)
K-man: Don’t say that.
KC: Boy P
K-man: Don’t say that a-GAIN.  If you say that again…I’ll….shake your hand. 
KC: Really? 
K-man: Yes.  Is that okay?  Does that work for you? 
KC: Well…I guess so. (trying to hide laughter)
K-man: Cause your phone makes me dance. 
KC: (looking at Faith with a confused look on his face) Really? 
K-man: Yeah.  Like a WOLF! 
KC AND Faith: Oh-KAY?????!!!!

Kids do say the funniest things….  Munchkin told me this morning that while I was gone yesterday, that Daddy played the “com-piano” and he was very good.  LOL. 

And today K-man told me that Munchkin has a Chicka-WaWa.  I was like, a what?  “A shi….shick….uh…chick-a-wawa!  You know, her little dog??”

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  1. That's funny! Hard to follow his thought process, there!


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