Friday, January 07, 2011

Brotherly Love

I came upon these two in the chair the other day and HAD to grab the camera.  Four chairs in the living room and one of them big enough for both, but they had to both sit in the single recliner.  The part that got me was Obi had his paw around Soka.  AWW…


Be kindly affectioned

one to another with

brotherly love; in

honour preferring one


-Romans 12:10

Now if I could just get the kids to learn THIS part and not the biting, wrestling, growling at each other part…lol. 

Anyway, because I can’t leave a decent post without a little bit of random, I have to throw in here that I took the dogs to the humane society today.  The gentle leaders almost weren’t enough.  *googley eyes*  They are now almost tied in weight at 80 and 85 pounds.  And they don’t have heartworms.  And the humane society has prevention pills for the worm things a LOT cheaper than the vet…in case any of ya’ll need a moneysaving tip.  *grin*  ANYWAY…the dogs ALMOST have the hang of riding in the car without trying to sit in my lap in the driver’s seat the entire ride.  Obi sat in the back seat and Soka sat up front with me.  Except for Obi trying to come up and join us about 13 times, it was a peaceful, comfortable ride. 

Oh and completely unrelated, but our power went out for 2 hours this morning.  Even the little things were impossible.  K-man doing school because you don’t need electricity for that right?  But oh…his pencil needs to be sharpened.  Um…yeah.  No laundry, no fixing my hair to get ready to take the dogs to the HS, nada.  Thankfully the hot water heater is gas and the water was still functioning, so the shower worked.  =) 

Today was the most eventful day this week!  LOL.  I also nearly had a stroke this afternoon.  I had to fill the gas tank up.  *meep*  I feel much better about staying close to home all week and not running around very much.  Usually this would be the second fill up of the week…whew! 

That’s enough random, I reckon.  ;-)

Later gators! 


  1. Hey, I wondered where you were!! Is something missing from your blog title (of our life?) or did you intentionally leave it off? Just wondering..... Love you

  2. lol, yeah, I rephrased it...randomness from LIFE with the Both ways are;-) love you too

  3. when I first read the about taking the dogs to the humane society today.. I was like WHAT?!?! She just posted pictures of them all snuggled up on the chair, and now she got rid of them!?!?! lol I figured it out tho.. =)

  4. When I first read your blog title, I thought to myself, "It's either a cute picture of the kids or the dogs." LOL! SO A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E! I love that you captured that momment on film. (Or at least on digitial film. lol.) :o)

  5. lol sheila! =) yeah the humane society does a low cost shot clinic and the spay/neuter clinics and stuff and when you have two dogs, it gets expensive at the vet. i get as much as i can done there...

  6. Those are awesome pictures of your dogs. So cute. Pals forever.

  7. Yeah, it's expensive with one dog, expecially when they are allergic to the shots! Good goggely goo! We can't have noremal pets around here. Maddie has to stay all day to be observed when she gets her shots.... oh well, her smartness makes up for it!
    Love you bunches!

  8. LOVE the pix! and you changed your font on your photos. CA-UTE! but of course they are, you did it!

    as for your power outage, i think we are all so technologically dependent that we'd pretty much fall apart without it. as a matter of fact, i just read "The Last Light" by Terri Blackstock.... about a nationwide power outage in the 21st century. neato!


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