Sunday, December 19, 2010


Or as my friend, Wally says: “because you just NEVER know!”  (LOL)

I give you fair warning, any posting that occurs for the next couple of weeks is liable to be mega-random…as has been the case for pretty much the whole of this month’s posts. 

As the preacher always says, “We don’t lock the doors. You can leave anytime.”  Of course, no one ever walks out…and I’m pretty sure it’s more because no one wants anyone to see them walk out.  But ya’ll don’t have that problem.  No one can see you over there, so you can just click away now and no one will be the wiser.  Winking smile  Whoa.  Where did that smiley face come from?  Does anyone besides me see that as a round circle winkey face instead of the “emoticon” that is typical of typing? 

That right there is what I mean by random.  So far so good.  Right on target. 

Speaking of preachers…ours was a…well…let’s just say he rained on some parades tonight.  Some needed to be rained on.  ROFL.  Except mine.  Mine didn’t need to be rained on.  Haha.  And I’m not so sure he was exactly right about busting my bubble…I mean, we don’t know for SURE that dogs don’t go to heaven, or that there won’t be any animals in heaven.  I mean, they’re part of God’s creation, just like the flowers and we all assume there will be beautiful flowers up there even though flowers quite obviously don’t have a soul. Winking smile  But even if I don’t 100% agree about something, I have enough wits about me not to throw a 5 year old fit and stop up my ears and pout all service long about my parade getting rained out.  LOL.  I’m sorry, but if you’re balding, you’re much too old to be literally doing that in church and distracting people (like me).  And ya’ll, I am not even kidding.  I wish I were.  I’m sure the preacher wishes I were, too.  Poor guy, he gets all the nutcases.  =)  That’s why I usually never say a word when I don’t agree…poor fella has enough people saying words. 

KC on the other hand, has no problem saying words.  The other day we were at the mall.  (by the way, I deSPISE the mall at this time of year…YUCK)  ANYway, someone was kind enough to park sideways in the parking next to us when we came back out to our vehicle.  Mind you, I’m skinny and I could barely walk between the back ends of our vehicles.  Now the front end had enough room for me to open my door and get in, but they parked so crooked that the back end of their car was on our side of the white line.  I made the comment to KC that they needed parking lessons.  I would probably never actually say that to them, but not my honey.  He left a note.  I could have died.  “You said it,” he says.  ?!?

I love random.  Randomosis.  The condition of being random.  I’ve got that. 

Is there a condition of writing sentence fragments?  I feel so naughty. I hated English.  One of my biggest pet peeves is that you’re not supposed to end sentences in prepositions but rephrasing those sentences so that the preposition is not ending the sentence always makes them sound cheesy.  And now I’m aggravated because I can’t think of a good example of that…grrr. 

I finally broke down and drank a Dr. Pepper on Friday.  And I had one tonight because my hubby ordered it.  No more though.  I will go back to being good.  I lost track of the days (?! I know right ?!) but I’m pretty sure it was around 6 weeks or so…I know it was around 2 weeks before thanksgiving. 

I’m weird.  If you’re still here and reading this, you might be, too.  LOL.  Anyway, it’s 10:41 and I’m taking Her Randomness (not to be confused with Her Highness, which is KC’s cat…although I suppose I could also be called that, too, when you consider that I can’t wear my very low-heeled boots without being half a head taller than every last girl in the choir…which is another weird pet peeve of mine…but I digress)…anyway…I’M GOING TO BED!

Night…Winking smile


  1. Guess I am weird! :o) Randomosity keeps us awake and hanging on for more....hehehe. "Wonder what she's going to say next...?" :o)

  2. I read the whole thing. Loved it. There is something comforting about randomness....By the way, I love your "tallness." I love you too!


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