Monday, December 06, 2010


It’s a disease.  I have a very bad case of it.  One of the symptoms is when you’re writing a blog post, you jump around from topic to topic without warning.

Just another day…I didn’t get everything on my list done.  Feels like I’m still behind, but the laundry pile is a lot smaller and a good bit of it actually got put away (whoo-eee!) and the floors and some of the counters are clean again.  And we have bread and milk.  And I got the bank and post office errands checked off.  So at least SOME of my stuff got done.

I saw an elephant in the clouds today.  He looked like he was laughing.  I’m assuming it was a he.  Maybe it was a she.  I didn’t have my camera, so I can’t show it to you. 

I need to get hopping on all my Christmas projects.  It’s fast approaching.  How is that possible? 

Munchkin’s class is doing an ornament exchange…so now I have to take her somewhere and have her buy an ornament to take to school to exchange with a classmate.  It’s a neat idea, but just something else to add to my to-do list. 

I haven’t had a Dr Pepper in feels like forever.  Feels like forever = 3 weeks.  *sigh*

I’m going to go look at Kohls online now…KC says they’re having a good deal. 

Randomitis.  Good thing it’s not deadly. 


  1. good girl.... that Dr. Pepper isn't good for you anyway. I changed my blog.
    I am new at this so hope I did that right. Good night.

  2. At least you're posts aren't boring and keep us entertained! :o) My yesterday post was so not entertaining, but I blogged. LOL.

  3. Love Kohl's when I have some money! Have fun! I know you will find some great deals. Your blessed that way. Sneeze and there's something dirt cheep! ;)


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