Thursday, December 16, 2010


I’m killing myself.  I have not even realized that I did the whole “missing blogger” thing for like 3 days in a row.  Ouch.

The house is making my OCD a little nuts, too.  I can’t do it all in one day and sometimes I don’t even want to start because it’s such a daunting task.  I’m trying though.  I put on my to-do list to sweep and mop and pretty much totally clean ONE room.  So I started sweeping that room…and I couldn’t just stop…all our floors kinda connect.  By the time I finished, I had swept the entire main level AND vacuumed it all, too.  *sigh*  But I DID manage to stop myself on mopping after 3 rooms and half a hallway.  So now I have the other half of hallway plus 3 rooms.  Confession: I had to stop mopping because I was out of time, not because I managed to stop myself.  LOL.  It made my OCD mad. 

I was also slightly distressed that I didn’t actually totally clean ANY room.  *sigh* 

OH WELL.  One can only do so much.  =/ 

Munchkin was out of school today.  Roads were icy this morning.  The phone call came at 5:45.  Naturally Munchkin heard the phone at 5:45.  She never hears the alarm on school mornings at 6:20 and I have to drag her out of bed.  But today…not a chance of her staying in bed.  I was like…go figure…the morning I can sleep in…

On the bright side, she did sit quietly for several hours this morning and listened to Adventures in Odyssey while I did school with K-man and worked on transferring and backing up all my files.  I have a new computer…well, it’s KC’s old one…it’s like huge.  I miss my little one, but I’m not mad about all the extra space for documents and pics.  =) 

Random post I know. 


  1. Just keep at it. One thing about house work. It will always be there to do...over and over and over again. Encourageing, I know.

  2. Know that feeling girl. I was just going to wash a load or 2 of laundry...but then I saw the full sink of dishes....and the some clutter spots...and before you know it I'm in full cleaning mode. But that was yesterday and today is a new day! LoL. :o)


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