Tuesday, December 07, 2010

More Than One

Heard this song on the radio on my way home from Sister’s Night Out tonight.  Thankfully I didn’t know all the words, since it’s a bee-boppin song and I was driving in the car alone, so I couldn’t sing along and get in trouble for driving at a bee-boppin pace.  LOL. 

ANYWAY, it’s one I haven’t heard in years, but it’s a good one…

You’ve got to count your blessings—You’ll find one if you try.
Count on the Lord and watch those blessings multiply
Those might-have, could-have, should-have-beens are nothing but distressing,
When you’re down and out—it’s time to count your blessings.

Love it!  I have lots, I’d be counting for awhile.  Even just TONIGHT’S blessings would keep me busy for awhile.  Sister’s night out was fun.  Eating breakfast for supper at “Uncle Bob’s.”  Ordering their “bottomless caramel mocha” which was SINFULLY delish (until refill number 3 at which I began to get nauseous and had to quit…lol)!  Shopping at Tar-jay without any kids.  A wonderful hubby who watched the kids and put them to bed before I even got home (hallelujah!).  Getting to work with a friend for a whole day.  Getting some Christmas cards made.  Another friend who lets me borrow her cricut (another hallelujah)….well, lots of blessings, have I. 

Not a whole lot else going on…I have got to get my to-do list done tomorrow.  Will have to make myself get up early (and stay up…bummer…lol).  Anywho…I stayed up today and did alright.  Wheesht.  Nothing else to say right now.  Goodnight. 


  1. I'm so glad you got to go last night! Of course it would be the night I couldn't, oh well. Duty calls around here...actually I hear it calling now. That to do list? I'm behind.

  2. Yep, it's true, we've all got so much to thank Him for! We just have to take a moment to stop and think and look around...then we'll see just how many blessing He's given us. Glad you had a good time out.

  3. isn't sisters night out grand? I always love those times .


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