Wednesday, November 10, 2010


KC: Are you going to wash our vehicle this week?
Faith: Um…..
K-man: It’s not a vehicle.  It’s a CRAZY vehicle.
Faith: Crazy vehicle? 
KC: So are you going to wash the CRAZY vehicle?
K-man: Don’t say ve—vecih—vecile--
KC: Vehicle?
K-man: Don’t say it!  Don’t say veh—vecihl—vecichle!
Faith: laughing (because he said it right the first time and now he’s all tongue twisted)
K-man: Stop laughing!  I said QUIT LAUGHING!

Okay then. 

Tonight I’m thankful for our crazy vecichel.  =)  And for my crazy family.  And for laughter.  =) 

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  1. how sweet! levi says vehicle "bee-hicle"....not too bad. but he calls a refrigerator a "frig-i-dator" and our algae eater is an "alligator."

    LOVE IT!!!!


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