Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not Good

Well, yesterday got away from me.  At 11:40 last night, right as I was curled up in the nice warm bed, drifting into unconsciousness, the thought crossed my mind…oh phooey, I didn’t blog. 

And then I thought.  Nuh, uh…I’ll do double tomorrow.  And that was the last thing I remember.  And then I got up this morning and hit the ground running and blogging just didn’t fit anywhere in there.  So there’s my second failure.  The first being with the habit of making the bed all the way up to pillows.  Fell off that wagon the last few days, too. 

BUT.  I have drank nothing but water for three days now.  It almost killed me today…but I stuck to it.  I had to go BACK to the town down the road for the second time in one day (long story) and I thought, well, there’s at least one bright spot…the place I have to go when I go back is right across from Sonic and it will be right in the middle of happy hour…I can just go pick up a nice half price drink.  So I get there.  I am IN THE DRIVE THRU….in the middle of ordering a drink when I remember…wait a minute…I can’t have any drinks…only water.  So I said…um…never mind…I guess I’ll just take a water.  They probably thought I was nuts.  But I didn’t drink anything except water. 

And today I could have really used a drink.  What a day.  Definite capper of the day was that 3 inch needle in my shoulder and being 4 pounds heavier than my last doctor visit 5 weeks ago.  LOL. 

Oh well.  He did give me a few low dose pain killers, and since they make you drowsy, I had to wait until now to take one….I’m feeling much better now…AND SLEEPY.  So I should hurry with the thankful things before I fall asleep and THIS one doesn’t get posted.  ;-) 

Yesterday, I was thankful that we got our homework done for the training hours needed for our foster care license renewal.  (We were behind and had to get 10 hours – and catch up in one week…lol).  BUT…it’s done.  Right under the deadline.  *whew* 

Today, I’m thankful that I didn’t pass out when the doctor stuck that needle all the way down into my shoulder joint.  Munchkin was watching in horror, so I had to set a fine example of what NOT to do when you get scary needles stuck in ya.  God really helped me though…and I gritted my teeth and smiled at Munchkin while the excruciating pain was going on in my shoulder.  *wincing*  Now, hopefully the shot will make it better so I can be thankful for THAT. =) 

The end.  Zzzzzzz….


  1. Way to go Mom! Take the pain and smile. So was that before the kids had their shots or after?

  2. when you finish your water-only obligation, let me know and we'll meet up at sonic happy hr. my treat. :)


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