Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Not From Around Here

I think I’ve figured out what the problem is…here I am thinking everybody else is just weird.  But I think I’ve got it now.  I think I’m just from another planet.  I adapt to human mannerisms and procedures but not because I feel them.  green-cartoon-alien-clipart-thumb2822032I just do them to appear human.  I find things funny when they are supposed to be serious, but I keep my face straight.  I don’t see humor in things humans find funny, but when everyone is laughing, I smile.  When I cut myself, I ooze chocolate instead of blood.  Actually, I’m kidding…although wouldn’t THAT be nice?  I’m not sweet enough for that though…it’s really tobasco sauce.  LOL. 

I’m still kidding.  But I’m not kidding when I say, sometimes I seriously feel like I’m from a totally different planet.  ;-)

But I could sure use those four additional arms though… ;-)

Anyway…as far as being thankful?  Yesterday I pegged it just right.  Today I’m thankful for Advil.  Although actually it’s Excedrin Extra Strength Back and Body.  ;-) 

Oh and hey, I’m also thankful because CVS had really good sales.  I used $6.00 in extra bucks from two weeks ago, plus $3.00 in extra bucks from today, plus a $5.00 off for buying $15.00 worth of the selected products…so I got 4 bottles of Excedrin (24 count), a bag of halls cough drops, and a bottle of Children’s Triaminic Cough Medicine for $2.09.  I felt pretty good when I left.  =) 

Well, goodnight.  =)   


  1. i'm gonna have to try out that cvs thing.

    and i don't think you're from another planet. :o)

  2. You know, sometimes I feel the same way. Like the song.... "I don't belong..." But I guess that feeling gets us longing for a new country.... "I been waitin" Good post,made me laugh, but you really should not work so hard. Maybe your shoulder would do better. Love you.

  3. I don't find you too strange. LOL. But I would if you grew those extra arms...though I'm sure they would be nice to have.

    I was thinking though along the lines of we are aliens, in a sense, b/c this world is not our home. This place is just a temperary stop before Heaven where our Father awaits for us to get Home.

    And I LOVE CVS deals! Great job on saving so much money! :o)

  4. You have such an imagination..... you make me smile... Thanks

  5. ahhh you have finally discovered CVS :)


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