Saturday, November 06, 2010

I Own Facebook

Hey…did ya’ll know I own facebook?  Me either.  But according to my MIL, my daughter is POSITIVE that I do. 

Munchkin: “My mom OWNS facebook.”
Mawmaw: “I think you mean she HAS a facebook…and a blog.”
Munchkin: “Yeah, I know about that blog, but my momma OWNS facebook!”


Anyways.  Today, I’m thankful that our pool is CLOSED!  We have spent like hours and hours and hours trying to figure out how to winterize the pump/filter/pipes and KC finally figured out what was wrong.  The seal on one of the important pump parts wasn’t on good…it had stretched out and when KC took it off and very carefully squeezed it back on so the seal was good again, everything just fell into place.  Of course, we still had to spend hours and hours and hours filling up all gazillion and one water bags and stretching the cover over and placing all gazillion bags on the cover…..and it was stinking FREEZING outside and sticking my hands in the water nearly gave me frostbite…well…I’ll stop complaining and just say I’m thankful it’s done.  LOL!

I’m so tired.  My eyes are kinda glazing over.  Tonight is the time change, so it’s really an hour earlier than what my computer says…which is an hour before I usually go to bed anyway.  That means, it’s really TWO hours before my usual bedtime.  And I’m ready to go now.  YIKES.  =)  Oh WELL.  =)  Goodnight anyway.  =)


  1. hahaaa.... you must be rich! and GIRL am i glad you said something about the time change. shewww....

  2. LOL I had no idea you had such a great investment going on...and everyone things its KC ;)

  3. *thinks...not things LOL


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