Tuesday, November 30, 2010


*shaking head in a daze*  Where did that wagon go?  I think I fell off…I haven’t blogged in a few days.  OOPS.  I have been drinking LOTs of water though.  And I haven’t had a Dr Pepper in 16 days, 11 hours, 22 minutes, and 32…33…34…lol….um….I haven’t missed it at all…HA.  Okay, I don’t really remember it down to the second…I was kidding.  BUT I have been drinking water!  At least there’s ONE positive in my favor. 

So Munchkin got strep for Thanksgiving day, so we stayed home.  Have been busy around here…the house is looking decent…been organizing and cleaning and working my little tail off and it’s coming along.  The family is supposed to be here for IMG_9023ewebChristmas this year so we have been trying to get the house in tip-top shape. 

Last couple of days I’ve been working on some Christmas projects and the days have been busy with working on the house and helping friends and working on those projects.  Plus some picture sessions.   I still have to finish the editing on those but I’m working on it. 

Rained something awful today and tonight…hope that’s fixed the drought for awhile.  We were in choir practice tonight and the choir is singing “…even in the darkest night, walk by…” and the power goes out and it’s pitch black inside the church…for a full 5 seconds.  I told KC…HUM…guess God was testing to see if we meant it.  LOL! 

Anyway…I can’t think anymore tonight…I really need to go to bed but I’ve been half watching A Time To Kill while I’ve been working tonight and I love that movie and it’s not over yet…lol…maybe I’ll just go back to bed after I take Munchkin to the bus stop in the morning.  LOL.  

Oh well.  Goodnight!

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  1. Cute baby picture! Glad your house is looking "decent".
    Love you bunches!


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