Friday, November 05, 2010


Today I’m thankful for health.  Even when I’m sick (although, thank the Lord, I AM feeling better now), I’m still thankful for overall good health.  I’m also thankful for Advil Cold and Sinus and Alkaseltzer Cold fizzy tabs. 

“I’m not a big fat panda!  …I’m THE big fat panda.” 

Sorry.  I know that was random.  I just got sidetracked watching KungFu Panda that KC turned on to fall asleep to…lol.  He makes like he’s going to watch a movie and then I get all comfy on my computer and I look over and he’s sleeping and I end up watching the movie.  LOL.  My favorite line from that movie is the little kungfu master getting all frustrated with the Panda and sitting there going, “I-i-i-in-in-inner peaccccce, i-i-inner peace…”  I use that line a lot.  LOL.  ;-) 

And now that I’ve dropped that little bit of random along with my thankful thing for the day, I’m going to bed.  Night. =)  

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  1. good health is definitely something to be thankful for! :o)

    and i know what you mean about your hubby falling asleep to movies.... i snapped a picture of mike last night asleep on our small sleeper rocker. i was doing something with the boys, looked over... and he was OUT! bless it!!!! :)


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