Thursday, October 07, 2010

Who Invited YOU?

In the car today….Munchkin is jabbering on and on about some movie she watched at school.  I was only half listening (since I’d already heard the whole story at least twice already) and inserting appropriate “uh-huh”s when necessary…

Then out of nowhere, K-man, who has apparently been listening intently to the monologue, breaks in during one of her slight pauses to ask for clarification of her last statement.

“K-man! Who invited YOU to this convaSHA-shun? I’m TALKIN’ to MOMMA!  SHUSH!”

I couldn’t resist.  I had to smile. 

But that didn’t hurt his feelings any…he just went right back to playing his game. 

Later tonight though…when we went out to celebrate signing adoption papers (FINALLY…almost three years to the day when we got the little dude), K-man was taking a drink of his sprite and I’m pretty sure he didn’t realize he had sprite instead of water.  So he takes this lonnnnng sip and looks at me and in this very offended little voice says, “Mom, this drink makes me CRY!” and I look at him and his eyes are all watery….ROFL! 

So his sister can be all rude and it doesn’t bother him, but a little carbonation kills him. 

And yay, so happy that the adoption papers are signed and on their way through the process…hopefully about a month or so…


  1. YAY! Congrats to you all for the signed papers! :o)

    Kids are funny with the things they say. I love hearing your little stories about them. :o)

  2. adoption papers-that is ridiculously AWESOME!!!! so happy for you guys!

    and, of course I will send you a link, i check on you all the time too but hardly ever comment either :)

  3. YAY!!!!!! super excited about the adoption. and i can totally see k-man's eyes watering with the sprite. poor baby.

  4. Nice to have that behind you, I'm sure. Thank the Lord/


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