Thursday, October 14, 2010


Mr. Grouchy neighbor was standing out in his driveway this morning when I walked Munchkin to the bus at dark:thirty.  He walked halfway down and stood there until I walked by.  I pretended I didn’t see him even though the dogs were about to have a cow with growling and trying to get at him while I was busy trying to keep them as far from his side of the road as physically possible.  Just keep walking, just keep walking, walking, walking….

Ahsoka ran away right after lunch today.  She *p*o*o*p*ed in the woods this morning like a good girl, and they don’t usually *p*o*o*p* at lunchtime, but I’m pretty sure she was running a few yards down to try to squeeze one out.  She was only gone for a few minutes, and she came right back, so it’s not like she was just going exploring….who says dogs don’t hold grudges?  I wouldn’t blame her a bit. 

Tomorrow morning, he will probably be waiting at the end of his driveway with a bag of doo and a fine from the homeowner’s association or something.

*eye roll* 

In other news, the anti-inflammatory pill seems to have done a little more good today…and the advil and midol…I feel good!  Okay, not good.  But better.  LOL. 

And I’ve been working with my mother-in-law out in the garage since 8am…I stopped moving about 40 minutes ago at 9:00 when she went to bed.  She’s a slave-driver. lol ;-)  Anyways, I’m tired…so I’m out now. 

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  1. LOL! This grouchy neighbor story just gets better and better each day. Go Ahsoka! LOL. :o)

    Your mother in law got anything I'd be interested in? In other words do you see anything you like cause our taste in stuff is pretty close. :o)


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