Saturday, October 09, 2010

Quickly, Quickly

Because if it isn’t quickly, I won’t make it…it’s 10:42 and I have to get a post in so I don’t miss a day.  *grin*  What is it now…day 8?  Whew. .

Today was jam packed…up early, cleaned house, took a shower, and was out yard saling by 8:30, then ran by walmart to get K-man’s cake icing (it was chocolate, by the way, Jules…;-) and ran back home and grabbed my camera to do a photo session at 11.  Back home by 12:30, finished the last minute cleaning and iced up K-man’s Clone Trooper cake, my mom arrived and helped me get the rest of the food ready, and then ate around 4:30.  Wrapped that up by 6:30ish and then mom left and we decided to go to the county fair for a little while. 

*sigh*  I am also extremely sore from painting that room yesterday…apparently my legs couldn’t handle all that steppin’ up and down the stool to paint.  LOL.  Ouch.  But anyway, that plus being on my feet all day today makes me TOTALLY ready for bed!  =) 

So…here’s a post…hopefully will have a chance to do pics tomorrow.  =)  Night!

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