Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I’ll Fly Away

Oh glory…lol.
Well….in about 8 hours we will be waking up and heading to the airport.   I need to finish getting my carry on bag ready…and my tote…and yet…I’m here.  *sigh* 

Chillin in front of my computer when I SHOULD be packing up my computer.  Wanting to go get another handful of candy when I don’t, I repeat, I DO NOT, need it.
Petting the dog that’s cuddled up next to me. 
Wanting the candy. 
NOT wanting to get up. 

But…well…I am going to get up anyway.  And before I go…here are two pictures I snapped today that CRACKED ME UP! 
Tell me about it, K-man…tell me all about it.  Oh man, that’s too bad.  Humph.

1 comment:

  1. hahaha! Cute pictures. Specially love that last one. :o)

    Happy trails and safe travelling!


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