Friday, October 01, 2010

Happy October!

OMW! I cannot believe it is OCTOBER already?!?!  I am exhausted and I don’t even feel like blogging, but I thought it would be pretty bad to attempt to post every day for the entire month and then quit before I even started.  LOL. 

Here’s some random for you:

(while watching my mom – otherwise known as Nonna to the kids – get in her car after spending an hour or so with us) “*sighhh* (very soberly) I just love her.” –K-man

(in the car on the way home from choir night – kids are in quiet time listening to music to settle down so that when we get home they will go right to bed without fuss – and by the way, it worked because K-man had already fallen asleep) “(very quietly) Excuse me? Mom?  I think something VERY bad is going to happen on Monday.”  (What?) “Well, my friend isn’t going to be my friend anymore.  I think she likes my other friend better than me.  And that’s VERY bad.”  -Munchkin

(K-man crying in the car) “I’m crying cause my head hurts.”  (Why does your head hurt?) “My head hurts because I had too much playyyyy.”  -K-man  (Mommy was bad and couldn’t help laughing…lucky for me, he didn’t take offense.)

And there…I think that’s enough words to classify as a post.  Day one – CHECK! =)

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  1. **sigh**** And I just love him too... I'd see him more if I could. Made my day! Love you all.


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