Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good Gravy


Well, I think those first two pics right there, tell a story ALL by themselves….LOL. 

I really wanted to get some good pics of the kids…several reasons actually, but I was trying to get some shots to use for bokeh for the photo hunt…I think I can check that off now…I have a couple that I think will work.  I also want to take some pics of the kids up to NY this week when KC and I fly up to see my grandma.  I hate that the kids won’t be able to go, especially since my grandma isn’t doing so well and this may be the last time we will get to see her.  =( 

Anyway, I think the kid pics were successful…these three are my favorites:


Only took about 20 minutes and 40 pictures.  LOL.  Munchkin wouldn’t open her mouth to smile because she didn’t want anybody to see her missing teeth, and K-man just didn’t want to open his eyes and look at me…everywhere else, but me!  LOL.  Sheesh.  Crazy kids.  But they’re cute!  =)

By the way, today is October 17th and I haven’t missed a post yet!  Am I rockin or WHAT?  LOL.  (knock on wood…lol) 


  1. super cute pix. and yes, you are ROCkIN! ;)

  2. Yes you are rock'n! :o) I wish i could find the time to do the photo hunt and paint and redo all the little things you have. I'll never understand why a girl like me with no kids has less time than you! hehe.


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