Friday, October 22, 2010


My computer died (KC and I are sharing a power cord this trip, to lessen our luggage for the flights) so I haven’t uploaded any new pics or had time to get on and write or anything. 

Today we hit thrift stores and then came back and hung out with grandma.  She’s been a little ornery today.  This is the hard part of aging parents/grandparents…it’s like a second childhood and you have to be the adult instead…it’s sad.  The family is doing an 85th birthday dinner for her tomorrow night.  She told me she was going to be 78…she’s lost track of a few years.  She did remember all of us this time though. 

I have to hurry because KC and I are getting ready to run over to the store and pick up some ribs for Grandma’s birthday dinner tomorrow night.  I want to post this while we’re there, so I have to get moving…thanks for the comments on the last post, we’re definitely trying to have a good (especially since it might be the last) visit with Grandma. 

Hopefully will have pictures in the next post.  =)

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