Friday, October 29, 2010


It’s 10:54 and I want to go to bed…but I can’t.  Because I haven’t done this yet.  Some nights it would be easier NOT to stick to the challenge. 

So.  It’s almost Halloween.  I saw a church sign the other day that made me laugh.  On October 31st, they are apparently having a hallelujah party.  LOL.  I have a question, if you have a positive celebration on a negative holiday, how is that different or better than just doing some of the “innocent” things that are associated with the “evil” holiday? 

After seeing some of the posts on FB about it, maybe I shouldn’t even ask that question…and in all honesty, we technically already do BOTH, since many of the “fall games” are actually also related to Halloween…I just googled it and read the wikipedia on it.  LOL.  Anyway. 

Moving on…K-man has blown me away the last couple of days.  He went from knowing one or two of the sight words we’ve been working on to rattling off over a dozen of them.  I love it!  Finally!  And Munchkin…well…she was bumped up to accelerated reader and had her first two tests in it this week.  100% and 90% on the first two.  I LOVE it.  YAY! 

Well, moving on again…and this time to the bed!  I’m tired.  Have a great evening. 


  1. I have to admit, I enjoy the "innocent" things from this holiday. Even dressing up in a costume makes me feel like a kid again. And hey, the kids who come in for appointments love it! I dressed as an Amish Woman on Friday and it was quite fun! :o) I don't do it as an act of worship, but as an act funness. (If that's even a word. hehe.) I think ppl would be very surprised at how some of the traditions of Christmas orginated and how some ppl can do what we do with Halloween. (You know turn things around to create either a positive or negative effect to the holiday.) Anywho, I see what you mean. :o)

    Yay to your kids for a job well done! And yay to Mom & Dad for their hard work and support in helping their kids get better in school! :o)

    Better finish up my break hear and finish editing a few pictures.

  2. Wish I could spell better when typing fast! LOL. Found a couple typos now that I've post. LOL. Oh well. YOu know what I mean. :o)

  3. you've done really well with sticking to your goal. i'm proud of you chicka.


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