Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Almost Forgot

Whew…good thing we’re only a few days into October.  I almost forgot this was the month for the photo hunt again.  =) 
Here’s this month’s list:

  1. In Disguise
  2. Crisp
  3. Fall Colors
  4. A Jack O’lantern
  5. a Shot from the Ground
  6. a Landscape
  7. a Fall Tradition
  8. Books
  9. Dining
  10. Child/Children
  11. Faces formed in Nature (anything that looks like a face but isn’t : examples here)
  12. Tilt-Shift Photography  (Tutorial Here) (Tilt-Shift Maker here)
  13. B & W with selective coloring (Tutorial here)
  14. Bokeh (Tutorial here)
  15. Best Photo taken October 23rd
  16. Something from the Kitchen
  17. Something Vintage
  18. Something Creepy
  19. Something Golden
  20. A Self-Portrait
Sounds rather challenging this month.  *grin*  I hope I’m up for it.  =)  But on the OTHER challenge of posting every day for an entire month, today was an easy one…lol!  ;-) 


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