Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sleep Deficit

Well, I am quite exhausted.  I’m not so sure why, but it may have something to do with not getting enough sleep.  ;-) 

Yesterday morning, the hubby left for Ohio to go to a funeral.  I would have gone, but being in the middle of the week, I needed to stay with the kids and dogs.  I didn’t get to sleep until late the night before, and then got up early to get the Munchkin on the bus and help the hubby get his stuff ready to go.  So after K-man finished his school work, I fell asleep on the couch with the monster dogs.  IMG_8032

After lunch, I had some appointments/errands in the neighboring county, which were made infinitely more interesting, thanks to getting to drive the hubby’s monster truck (since he has my van in Ohio right this minute).  Gotta hand it to him though, he’s got excellent taste in trucks…lol.  But that thing is impossible to park…the back of the parking lot taking up four spaces…with a clear un-obstructed exit plan…that was me.  LoL. 

downsize(2)Then there was church last night and Drea from church helped me throw a little housewarming shower for Lil Mama after church.  It worked out perfectly and she got a lot of the stuff she really really needed.  Drea did the cake and wow…she did awesome.  Red velvet cake and HOMEMADE cream cheese icing….*googley eyes* =) 

After all that, I got home last night and got the kids in bed and the dogs fed and walked.  Weirdness being single mom for a night.  I blocked off my doorway to keep the dogs from roaming the house and then left them out of their cage.  They are definitely guard dogs.  It was like they knew they were supposed to be on high alert last night…which was great.  Except they kept doing this little WOOF thing every few hours when they would hear a creak or noise.  And that wasn’t so great at 12:30, 2, 2:30, and 3am…and I’m pretty sure it was the cat they were hearing.  Anyway, at 3am I got up and walked through the house with the dogs, ate the last cookie, got a glass of water and then went back to bed.  That seemed to settle the dogs down and they slept IMG_8187ewebquietly for the rest of the night.  I felt well guarded since I had one 70lb monster laying against my back and the other 70lb monster on my other side.  LOL.  And they took to sleeping on the bed like they had trained for years…hahaha.  I turned out the lights and they hopped up and settled down (other than the occasional alarm at slight noises)…lol. 

But at least I wasn’t sleeping with a baseball bat or walking around the house at 1:30 in the morning with a screwdriver in hand (like that would have done any good)…not that I would EVER have done such a thing….ROFL! 

Unfortunately, my sleep time is still feeling shorted…and if it weren’t so close to time to walk down the street and meet the munchkin’s bus, I would be sorely tempted to lay down on the couch again and work on some more catch up…lol. 

Speaking of the munchkin, she asked me yesterday if I was going to fall asleep while helping her with her homework again.  OOPS.  So…how is everyone else?  Someone please tell me I’m not alone in falling asleep on my kid’s homework?!

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