Saturday, September 11, 2010

Road Trip Pics

Well, I did it…I scrapped the pics from NY.  I couldn’t fit them all on here, but at least I have a few documented now.  =) 


Credits are posted on my design blog: Always Faith Designs

Anyway, I’m actually blogging while we’re ON a road trip.  This is so nice…I haven’t had time at the house to do anything, but this morning I’m sitting in the main living area of this awesome lodge and using the internet and there are NO KIDS to distract me and there is NO HOUSEWORK OR COOKING to make me feel guilty for not doing….i LOVE IT.  LOLOL!  I’m down in Georgia with the hubby and friends and we’re staying in a bed and breakfast on Apple Ridge…it is gorgeous and AWESOME! 

It feels like I’m staying at my aunt Betty’s house.  The older couple that owns/runs this place are totally down home country folk.  It’s so sweet.  I was listening to her in the kitchen talking as she cooked breakfast and it smells and sounds just like being at my aunt’s house.  Only this place is WAY bigger.  LOL. 

Gotta go now though…breakfast is served!  =)  LOVIN IT!  And it AINT mcdonalds!!!

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  1. so this is what you were doing by the fireplace yesterday morning. ;o)

    figured this would be as good a place as any to share the link i told you about:

    love ya chicka. glad to spend some time with you this weekend. i love you.


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