Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Price You Pay

IMG_8200ewebRight now, I’m sitting on the couch and Obi is laying on my feet.  I gave him a bath today so his fur is all silky soft and I can’t resist scratching his sides.  I couldn’t help laughing when his toes curled up…lol…and then of course, he couldn’t stand it anymore and tried to dig his nails in to scratch himself, only my hand was in the way, of course.  LOL.  These dogs crack me up. 

IMG_8193ewebI’m waiting on the hubby to return, and I’ll be happy when he gets back, but I have to say, the dogs have definitely made me feel better about being here alone.  They are loving adorable dogs, but they are very very protective of us, and that gives me warm and fuzzy feelings.  LOL…of course, KC gives me warmer and fuzzier feelings…so I’m still ready for him to come home…lol!  Well, actually, I take that back…the part about the dogs…they actually give me a warm and FURRY feeling….bwahaha…but I’m still ready for KC to come home.  LOL. 

HOWEVER, as I was cleaning today…the thought crossed my mind (as it usually does when I clean) that there IS a price to pay for that warm and FURRY feeling of protection. 

I sweep every other day.  This is the average pile: IMG_8183eweb

That is a full size (12 inch) broom in the picture.  And for the record, there is very little dirt in that pile.  This is ONLY the hardwoods (approximately two rooms, a hallway, and the stairs).  The other hardwoods are covered by rugs or furniture. 

(I’m really not a bad housekeeper…I really do keep it pretty clean even if this post looks like I’m proving otherwise…lol)
Then I vacuum.  When I start, the canister is empty:IMG_8201eweb

This is from one large rug, three smaller rugs, and my bedroom.

And seriously, this is every other day.  I don’t know how they have that much fur OFF their bodies when they still have SO much still ON their bodies.  LOL. 

I gave them a bath today and had to clean a third dog out of the shower drain when I was finished.  They lose a LOT of hair. 


I like a clean house and I love my dogs, so this is just the price I gotta pay. 

I’m not mad about it.  Much.  ;-)  And when I am mad about it, I just go kiss the dogs and I feel better. 


It’s just one of those things…there’s a price you have to pay for everything.  Like the price my hubby has to pay for such an awesome wife like me—well…that price is usually paid to the traffic court system, along with a lawyer or two—but you know….everything comes with a price!   

(And before you have a cow, honey, NO, there hasn’t been any recent tickets, I was just saying…and this isn’t how I’d tell you if there were…lol!!!) ;-)


  1. Cherl Royer9:33 PM

    We have a black lab in the house also Faith so I feel your pain. I was however intrigued by the color the hair looks when mixed by them both, I know weird thought, but it makes a really weird old lady gray. LOL

  2. Hey, Maddie sheds, but only a little. Still, I try to keep on top of it. I use my swiffer mop with a used dryer sheet attatched to get her hair up. It's so fly away I don't want it on the table and counters. The dryer sheet is a good magnet. Just a household tip from one dog owner to the other>
    Love you.


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