Monday, September 13, 2010

Home Again

IMG_8035ewebWell, here we are…home again.  That was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a VERY long time. 

The bed and breakfast was so nice, spending an entire weekend with our long-time friends, shopping, going to visit other mutual long-time friends, and then traveling back together to pick up all our kids because we were all missing them…it was just so awesome.  I really needed it. 

IMG_8097ewebThese are pictures of the lodge where we stayed (more pics in my facebook profile for people who are friends in real life…lol).  I was naughty though and didn’t really take any more pictures after we left here on Saturday morning though.  I had my camera, just didn’t have lots of opportunities that I felt like taking…lol.

IMG_8054ewebIMG_8060eweb IMG_8050ewebIMG_8061eweb IMG_8076ewebIMG_8081eweb

Awesome just doesn’t even begin to describe the weekend.  *blissful sigh*  We’ve all already talked about making it an annual trip!  LOL! 

In other news…my girl (Little Mama) signed her apartment lease today!  We have her all set up with a vehicle, her utilities have been started, and she’s on her own insurance with her vehicle.  Now I just have to get her phone stuff in order and we have to get through court…just a few more days.  We’re both kinda sad but I’m happy for her at the same time.  I’m going to help her take a load of the stuff we’ve collected for her to her place tomorrow and do a little cleaning and unpacking.  The great thing is, small place = no time at all to clean and unpack…hooray!  That is one thing about the size of our house…cleaning takes DAYS instead of hours and there are still boxes in the basement that have not been unpacked.  LOL! 

I’ve been crazy busy and I’m sure there are lots of things I should update about, but I get tired thinking about it and I’m sure you’d get tired reading about it, and I get the feeling that we’re all probably already tired without thinking or reading about it…so I won’t talk about it.  LOL!  That’s it.  =) =)  I wonder how many more times I can say IT in this paragraph?  IT’s okay…I’m crazy…you can admit IT cuz I know you were thinking IT!  *GRIN* 

And since I have nothing better to say, I’m going to go away now.  =)  Thanks for reading.  =)

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